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Commercial Health & Beauty Aids Free Voice Over Scripts

ClearBlue Easy

Only one mechanism on Earth is more complex than the female body … the female mind. And when it thinks the body might be pregnant, the clever mind chooses Clear Blue Easy. It was the first one-step stick test … and no one’s ever made a test that’s easier, or more accurate. Blue, the body […] Read more


Circles under the eyes? It can be fatigue, stress, age. And now, Clinique Even Better Eyes. A proven dark circle corrector. This is what a 30% improvement looks like. It’s clinically proven. Visibly lightens dark circles on all skin tones. Even Better Eyes from Clinique. Available at Macy’s, your skin care destination […] Read more

Clinique 2

And your puffs. Your lines. Your under-eye circles. With a little help from Clinique’s All About Eyes. Send under-eye baggage a message that’s short and extremely sweet: Hit the road. Oh… and don’t bother to write […] Read more

Clinique 3

Mark your calendar. It’s Clinique’s year-of-great-looks workshop. Twelve months’ worth of looks-to-love, happening all this week, at the Clinique counter at Lord & Taylor. Go one-on-one with an expert for the latest makeup news. Views. How-to’s. Learn tips, tools and techniques. For the looks you want now, come to CLINIQUE’S year-of-great-looks workshop. Happening all this […] Read more

Clinique 4

As always, allergy tested, 100% fragrance free. Why not wake up in great skin? Clinique’s custom 3-step skin care […] Read more

Clinique Happy

Make it a happy holiday. A hint of citrus, a wealth of flowers, a mix of emotions. Clinique Happy—a very personal gift […] Read more

Coastline Fragrance For Men

A windswept coastline. Waves crashing against the shore. The endless sweep of horizon. Introducing Coastline our newest fragrance for men. Fresh. Liberating. Distinctive. An invigorating blend of cool aromatics and rich warm woods […] Read more


Now, Colgate toothpaste introduces a new Winterfresh flavor to give your family two great flavors for fighting cavities. New Winterfresh is cool and refreshing, with real wintergreen flavor. And both Colgate flavors have MFP fluoride to fight cavities. No toothpaste fights cavities better. So give your family a Colgate choice … Regular COLGATE or Winterfresh […] Read more

Colgate – Precision

Clinical studies prove that Colgate Precision removes more plaque in a single brushing than Crest Complete. And Oral B. And Reach. Which makes it an ideal weapon in the fight against gum disease. So choose the brush that really cleans up. Colgate Precision […] Read more

Colgate Total

New Colgate Total freshens breath, while fighting cavities and tartar. It battles bad breath, devastates gingivitis and plaque. And if that is not enough, Colgate Total toothpaste gives you all of this protection all day long, even when you are not brushing. Now isn’t that all you ever wanted in a toothpaste? Colgate Total, the […] Read more