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Commercial Health & Beauty Aids Free Voice Over Scripts

Children’s Advil

She has a high fever. You know what it’s like to wait it out. When time counts, Children’s Advil relieves her fever fast. Faster than Children’s Tylenol. And lasts up to 8 hours. Children’s Advil, fights fevers faster […] Read more


Cialis is the first tablet for erectile dysfunction that gives you up to 36 hours to choose the moment that’s right for you and your partner […] Read more


Four years of dancing lessons. Nine years of piano. It all adds up. Today, it costs over $200,000 to raise your child to college age. And that’s assuming she’s going to like her nose. At CIGNA HealthCare, our plans are designed with this in mind. We include well-child exams and immunizations as part of our […] Read more

Cigna 2

Lullabies at 7. Diaper changes on the hour. 2 a.m. feedings. You put in a full day’s work before you put in a full day’s work. How can you find time to take of yourself ? At CIGNA HealthCare, we’ve created programs just for a woman’s special needs. Because wouldn’t it be nice to have […] Read more

Cigna Mobile Wellness Clinic

Hmmmm, very, very, very, interesting. I see from this completely fake chart that many of you haven’t been for your annual check up yet. There’s good news! You can start your check-up by learning your key health numbers. Just go to the Cigna Mobile Wellness Clinic for a free biometric screening. Hey, TV Doctors’ orders. […] Read more

Clairol – Condition 1

What’s the one in the three-in-one? The one is Condition by Clairol. What are the three in the three-in-one? The three are clean, condition, and protect. Protect what? Your hair, of course. From what? Well, let’s just say without oil. And clean. Clean without stripping. Three-in-one shampoo is CONDITION BY CLAIROL. That’s the one […] Read more

Clairol – Condition 2

Illuminate! Shine! Glow! With new Condition finishing shine. Special lightweight ingredients give your hair so much luster, but never leave it looking greasy. Advanced dual protectants leave your hair looking better than ever. There’s never been a better way to shine. New CONDITION BY CLAIROL … because you’re worth it […] Read more

Clairol – Hydrience

Hydrience. Incredible color that won’t shock your hair. Intense color. Lasting color. Color that loves your hair. It’s not impossible. Its Hydrience. Its unique water-based color crème hydrates your hair with pure, permanent color. Nothing penetrates deeper to last longer. Hydrience. Incredible color that’s incredibly gentle. By Clairol […] Read more

Clairol Collection

Fall in love! Discover the Clairol Reds Collection. Inspired by romance. Romantic reds are the rage this season, and Clairol reds are loved for being rich, true and made for you. Clairol . . . we make color wonderful […] Read more

Clairol Herbal Essences

Work yourself into a lather. Feel what it does for your hair. Ohhh, the organic herbs. Ahhh, the all-natural botanicals drenched in pure mountain water. Ummm, the way it leaves every strand of your hair feeling revitalized. Clairol’s Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners. Oooh, you’ll love it. Herbal Essences…a totally organic experience […] Read more