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Band-aid Liquid Bandage

Discover the revolutionary Liquid Bandage from Band-Aid Brand. It’s an invisible waterproof seal that stays on better and longer than conventional bandages, even on hard-to-cover places like finger cracks. For more information go to www.bandaid.com […] Read more

Bare Skin by Bare Minerals

Can a liquid foundation actually be good for you? Bare Skin by Bare Minerals. O ur first ever, tone correcting serum foundation. No silicone. No oil. No parabens. No fragrance. 1 to 2 weightless silky drops in our patent pending brush provide bright flawless even toned skin to reveal your natural beauty every day. The […] Read more

Barely There

A sensual revolution. A bra that’s there, but barely. Smooth, soft, unencumbered comfort. Discover it. Nothing feels better. Barely there […] Read more

Bausch & Lomb Zyoptix System

My wife’s glasses drove her crazy. She was ready for laser surgery but she didn’t know who she could trust. Introducing the Bausch & Lomb Zyoptix System. Because no two eyes are alike, it maps and analyzes thousands of individual data points for excellent results. As with any surgery there are risks. Go to Bausch.com […] Read more

Bausch and Lomb

If you’re facing age related vision loss for the first time ever, there’s hope. New Bausch and Lomb Ocuvite PreserVision. The only eye vitamin proven effective by the National Eye Institute. Bausch and Lomb, see the wonder […] Read more


Try to explain to your best buddy that he can’t come inside because you can’t seem to get rid of his fleas. Well? Bayer’s Advantage flea treatment is one of the most effective ways to control fleas ever developed. Both of you will feel better. Bayer’s Advantage flea treatment. Available at most pet stores […] Read more

Bayer 2

You know how it goes … the phones that don’t stop ringing. The project that was due yesterday. The irate client. When this is how it’s going, you know it’s time for Bayer. Bayer Aspirin’s strong formula brings quick relief to your headache and relaxes those tense muscles, so you can concentrate on the bigger […] Read more

Bayer Aspirin

Bayer is the only leading pain reliever that can help save your life. Studies have proven aspirin can reduce the risk of another heart attack by up to 50%, when taken regularly under a doctor’s care and accompanied by a proper diet and exercise. So why choose anything but Bayer? It’s more than a pain […] Read more

Beauti-mist Steam Inhaler

Whether it’s allergies or dry indoor air, your nose, throat, and sinuses can become red, irritated, and painful. Doctors have long recommended gentle steam therapy for relief of congestion. Home or away, Beauti-Mist is an indispensable companion that produces a gentle steam that unclogs blocked sinuses and soothes painful tissue. To order call 800-666-6432 […] Read more


You can look all around the world…..you can search department stores and boutiques….you can try to see top experts if you’ve got lots of time and money…or you can fill all your beauty needs online. Beauty.com….. the world of beauty. Online […] Read more