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Always Overnight

No matter how much you move around at night, there’s a pad that can give you great protection. Introducing a new Always Overnight without wings. It’s longer and wider to absorb what regular pads don’t. Always Overnight now with or without wings […] Read more


There is a rhythm to life. We sleep at night – and wake in the morning. It’s the sleep cycle that helps keep us in a healthy balance. But, for millions of Americans, sleep doesn’t always come easily. For them, there’s AMBIEN […] Read more

Ambien 2

AMBIEN, the prescription sleep aid that helps you fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer – and wake rested and refreshed without grogginess in the morning. No wonder AMBIEN is the number one prescribed sleep aid in America. Talk to your doctor about AMBIEN. AMBIEN — works like a dream […] Read more


Here you are at the playoffs, with your best buddy. Seats right on the floor, hot dogs, peanuts, an ice cold drink, and you get a toothache. You need maximum strength Ambusol to relieve pain on contact. No leading toothache product you can buy is more effective at relieving pain. Maximum Strength Ambusol. Put it […] Read more

American Laser Centers

Why do more people trust American Laser Centers for smoother, more beautiful skin than anyone else in the country? It’s our state-of-the-art laser hair removal system that’s both safe and effective. Call today for a free, no-obligation, private consultation. Looking gorgeous is easy when you choose with confidence […] Read more

American Society For Dermatologic Surgery

Every 67 minutes someone dies from melanoma. With early detection, most of these deaths can be prevented. This May, through the power of friendship, Olay and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery invite you to save some lives. Ask your best girlfriend to join you for a free skin cancer screening, and encourage her to […] Read more

Aqua Glycolic

Pop the top! And celebrate beautiful skin. Turn heads and stop traffic with more radiant skin. Aqua Glycolic Toner is specially formulated with an Alpha Hydroxy Acid and pH balanced to tighten skin, even complexion and reduce the size of pores while combating wrinkles. You’ll easily see the difference in your skin’s natural beauty and […] Read more


Take the feeling of clean to the extreme. Micro-Active Foam showers your whole mouth as it seeks out germs that can cause bad breath…then rinses clean away, leaving only a cool tingling sensation that just won’t quit! New Extreme Clean from Aquafresh […] Read more

Arden Courts

Arden Courts specializes in caring for people in the early to middle stages of Alzheimer’s. Every detail is designed to make life simpler and more fulfilling for residents — from the secure layout, to the meaningful activities, to the staff trained in the latest caregiving techniques. Arden Courts is part of ManorCare Health Services, the […] Read more

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

What this country needs is a miracle. Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioning Treatment promises to deliver healthier, more beautiful hair. Enriched with Australian balm mint, sunflower seed oil and aloe, our unique formula reconstructs damaged hair inside and out. While penetrating deeply, it repairs split ends and smoothes rough cuticles, so every head of […] Read more