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Commercial Free Voice Over Scripts

Allied Rentals

Arnie: Hey Jerry … you mind if I borrow your hammer for a couple of hours tonight? Jerry: Uh, sure, Arnie. Go ahead. Arnie: Jerry, how was your weekend? Jerry: It was fine. How was yours? Arnie: Great, great. Say Jerry, we have a guest coming in tonight. Mind if I borrow that roll-away bed […] Read more


You can count on our Allstate agents to take as much time as you need, and not leave you hanging at 15 minutes. We make sure you have the right coverage. With headquarters in Northfield Township, Illinois, we’ve been offering insurance since 1931 as part of Sears, Roebuck, and Co. Call today!     […] Read more


Truth is most motorcycle insurance costs about the same. What’s not the same, is the coverage. Now you can get the AllState protection you need.. for a price you can afford. Talk to an All State agent today. Are you in good hands […] Read more

Allstate Insurance Agent

When you plan today, wishes can come true, and your Allstate agent can make it happen. College funding, a healthy retirement, and family security can all be achieved. You are in good hands with Allstate. So, make a wish, go ahead.     […] Read more


What is that intangible quality that turns heads and touches hearts, catches your eye, and holds you with its power? Every woman has her own special allure. It can be found in a glance, a voice, a face across a crowded room. ALLURE is unmistakable and irresistible. And, like a perfect memory … it lasts […] Read more

Allure For Men

Real men. Real allure. A little mystery adds to the attraction. Allure Homme. The new men’s fragrance from CHANEL. At Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s […] Read more

Almay Bright Eyes

New Almay Bright Eyes. Open wide. Take your eyes from tired to tremendous with the Almay Bright Eyes Collection. Color cream shadows, dual-ended eyeliners and lash-lifting mascara designed to give you wider, brighter, beautiful eyes […] Read more

Almond Breeze

At Almond Breeze, we only use California grown Blue Diamond almonds in our almond milk. And we’re proud of that. But the whole caring and nurturing part? That idea we borrowed from nature. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, the best almonds make the best almond milk […] Read more


Listen. Your period comes every month. But it changes every day. That’s why ALWAYS designed new MULTIPAX. Three levels of protection in one smart box. So no matter what, you’ve got the right protection. ALWAYS MULTIPAX […] Read more

Always Overnight

No matter how much you move around at night, there’s a pad that can give you great protection. Introducing a new Always Overnight without wings. It’s longer and wider to absorb what regular pads don’t. Always Overnight now with or without wings […] Read more