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Commercial Free Voice Over Scripts


So much beauty in one place! America is a great country, and we’ve got the best way to see it. Amtrak “Explore America” fares. Round trips from one hundred and seventy nine dollars all across America. It’s a great country at a great price. Call 1-800-USA-RAIL now about Amtrak “Explore America” fares […] Read more

Anderson Windows

International door and window manufacturer Anderson Windows employs over 10,000 people at their logistic centers, facilities, and retail locations. They are the largest makers of doors and windows in North America with $2.5 billion in annual sales. Experience a glorious sunrise or the golden light of an afternoon from expertly crafted Anderson light. Call today […] Read more

Anheiser Busch

These are our kids. And just like your kids, it seems what we tell them goes in one ear and out the other. But guess what! When it comes to making a tough decision like whether or not to drink, kids say parents have more influence than anyone. So talk to your kids. Let’s work […] Read more

Animal Planet – King of the Jungle

Tomorrow at 8 Animal Planet brings 12 animal experts through the most grueling job interview on the planet to see if they have the knowledge, the courage, and onscreen personality to win a killer prize: their own television show. Jeff Corwin hosts, King of the Jungle: The Rumble Continues. Tomorrow at 8, only on Animal […] Read more


The perfect gift starts with love. For family, friends, colleagues, for everyone who really matters in your life. Ann Taylor loft […] Read more

Anne Perry Mystery

A shattered romance. A scandalous lawsuit. A savage murder. A suspenseful new case for Victorian detective William Monk. Presenting Anne Perry’s latest murder mystery, “A Breach of Promise.” Kirkus Reviews calls it, “A banquet for history buffs.” Critic Kay Hellman says, “Perry’s Victorian England pulsates with life and…wonderfully memorable characters.” Read “A Breach of Promise,” […] Read more

Annenberg Pets

At Annenberg Pets, our community offers an education center, a leadership institute, and a unique space for pet adoption. We focus on the dynamic bond between pets and their people and the science of those relationships. We are where you can learn, grow, play, and adopt! Learn more at AnnenbergPetspace.org.     […] Read more


AnswersThatWork.com developed a diagnosis system process to remove malware and other items that slow down your system. You have access to tools and advice to keep your system stable. It connects to the internet and adds a firewall with its main file, UltimateTroubleshooter.exe, and evaluates and tags those that are suspect.       […] Read more

Anti-Drug Campaign

My boy Jimmy is quite a kid. The star athlete in his class, a straight-A student, just about the best son a father could ask for. But last week, he lost his best friend Tom … to drugs. Even good kids like Jimmy and Tommy can make bad decisions. Stay off drugs. Make the rest […] Read more

Anti-drug campaign 2

At 4:00 my kid will be at (leave a beat of silence here). If you can’t fill in the blank, you need to start asking your kid questions. It’s a proven way to steer kids clear of drugs. It’s not pestering. It’s parenting. This message sponsored by the Anti-Drug Campaign […] Read more