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Adventure Travel Travel Industry Commercial

(Inner monologue) Back to the old to do list again. Let’s see… Climb Mount Everest… done. Snorkeling with the dolphins off the coast of Australia? Done. Sky diving in Borneo… yup, that’s checked off too. Barreling over Niagara Falls (chuckle) – Nah, too risky! How about discovering a Land of Lost Caverns in the highlands […] Read more


Muscle aches? Nothing is proven more effective or longer lasting than Advil. For long-lasting relief of muscle aches, count on Advil. In a recent clinical study, Advil was found to work better than Tylenol in relieving the pain of sore muscles the day after exercise. No wonder doctors recommend Advil for muscle aches more than […] Read more

Advil 2

Arthritis pain? It’s a part of my life. So I keep Advil close by. Just ONE works as well as TWO regular Tylenol. Advil works at the site of minor arthritis pain — stopping it where it starts. Nothing’s proven to work better or last longer than Advil. And now introducing new ADVIL GEL CAPLETS. […] Read more

Advil 3

For fast, effective relief, Advil goes to work right at the site of minor arthritis pain. It keeps pain away hour after hour. And it’s gentler on your stomach than aspirin. In fact, nothing is proven more effective or longer-lasting than Advil. Advil. Advanced medicine for pain […] Read more

Advil 4

As a nursing home aid from 9 to 5, I’ve made a lot of close friends. But the one I rely one the most is Advil. Advil works at the site of minor arthritis pain – stopping it where it starts. And now introducing new ADVIL GEL CAPLETS […] Read more


She has a high fever. You know what it’s like to wait it out. When time counts, Children’s Advil relieves her fever fast. Faster than Children’s Tylenol, and lasts up to eight hours. Children’s Advil Fights Fevers Faster […] Read more


No matter where we live–when it comes to something as important as health care–we all want the best. That’s why AETNA and US HEALTHCARE have joined forces to create a partnership that will set a new standard for quality and caring. AETNA and US HEALTHCARE. Raising a standard for your town, for your family, and […] Read more

After School Program Brand Video

The read should be warm, authentic and real and should not sound like an “announcer”. (Script) For those with the fewest resources and greatest needs… At a critical time in their lives when all children deserve the chance to discover their own interests and talents, be inspired and encouraged We’re an organization with a unique […] Read more

Age Management Medical System – Cenegenics

Aging is inevitable, but how you age is not. You have the power to take control and actually manage your aging process. A unique Cenegenics protocol is your gateway to next generation medical science . . . a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to age management that takes you well beyond the conventional approach of quick, routine […] Read more


Analytical development and manufacturing company Agilent offers global service to markets worldwide from its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. First established as a subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard, they provide analytical software, instruments, services, and consumables for laboratory workflow. When they achieved IPO, Agilent stock was the largest in Silicon Valley history. They focus their services and […] Read more