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Commercial Free Voice Over Scripts

Almay Bright Eyes

New Almay Bright Eyes. Open wide. Take your eyes from tired to tremendous with the Almay Bright Eyes Collection. Color cream shadows, dual-ended eyeliners and lash-lifting mascara designed to give you wider, brighter, beautiful eyes […] Read more

Almond Breeze

At Almond Breeze, we only use California grown Blue Diamond almonds in our almond milk. And we’re proud of that. But the whole caring and nurturing part? That idea we borrowed from nature. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, the best almonds make the best almond milk […] Read more


Listen. Your period comes every month. But it changes every day. That’s why ALWAYS designed new MULTIPAX. Three levels of protection in one smart box. So no matter what, you’ve got the right protection. ALWAYS MULTIPAX […] Read more

Always Overnight

No matter how much you move around at night, there’s a pad that can give you great protection. Introducing a new Always Overnight without wings. It’s longer and wider to absorb what regular pads don’t. Always Overnight now with or without wings […] Read more

Alzheimer’s 2

Remembering is difficult. But even more difficult if you have Alzheimer disease—a disease that affects the brain, erases memory and eventually takes life. The Alzheimer Society is fighting back. It provides support, information, and funds research into finding the cause—and a cure. Until then, remember this […] Read more


Is it just forgetfulness…or Alzheimer’s disease? Memory loss … Asking repeated questions … Trouble using words. When signs like these begin to affect everyday life, they may not be a part of normal aging. They may be signs of Alzheimer’s disease, an incurable, progressive illness that robs patients and their families of a lifetime of […] Read more

Amazon Warrior Women On Pbs

Secrets of the Dead “Amazon Warrior Women” [pbs documentary preview / promo] (read the first part like it is part of the documentary? or the more-promo bit at the end?) Stories of beautiful, bloodthirsty female warrior women thundering across arid battlefields have been told, re-told and speculated about for thousands of years. Greek myths are […] Read more

Amazonia by James Rollins Book Trailer

A field operative is found alive after disappearing into the Amazon 4 years ago. He dies before he can answer- What happened to him? Where are the others from the expedition? And how did he go into the Amazon with only one arm and come out with two? Now a new expedition will enter Looking […] Read more

Amber Alert.org

Activated in the most serious child-abduction cases, Amber Alert can instantly galvanize a community to achieve a positive outcome. America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response was named after Amber Rene Hagerman, a young girl who was abducted and murdered in 1996. The requirements for sending out an alert are strict, in order to prevent false alarms. […] Read more


There is a rhythm to life. We sleep at night – and wake in the morning. It’s the sleep cycle that helps keep us in a healthy balance. But, for millions of Americans, sleep doesn’t always come easily. For them, there’s AMBIEN […] Read more