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Promo & Trailer

A Haunting Tale

In this world, there is real evil. In the darkest shadows and in the most ordinary places. These are the true stories of the innocent and the unimaginable. Between the world we see and the things we fear. There are doors. When they are opened. Nightmares become reality […] Read more

A Saga Continues…

There is a fable embedded into our modern culture that has affected our world more than any other story in film history. It gave us a tale of hope, revenge, and redemption. Now for the first time in over 30 years the world’s most beloved trilogy will continue […] Read more

A&e Promo

Every airline has a story. Airline Premiers Monday. Only on A&E […] Read more

ABC 20/20

“Three happy wives. They vowed to be faithful. But one is more likely to cheat. Is it the first-time mom, the model, or the housewife? Cast your vote online at ABCnews.com. What you learn may save your marriage […] Read more

Abc Promo

April’s jammin’ and ABC’s got the stuff…with “special” episodes of all your favorite series. Like Coach, Roseanne, and Home Improvement. Plus a great line up of all your favorite blockbuster movies. All right here on ABC […] Read more


Join us online at About.com where hundreds of experienced guides provide the resources you need to explore your passions. Arrange a country escape with Elizabeth Arneson, your guide to bed & breakfasts, or customize a 30-minute fat burning program with exercise guide, Paige Cohen. Whatever your passion, About.com has what you need to know […] Read more

Amazon Warrior Women On Pbs

Secrets of the Dead “Amazon Warrior Women” [pbs documentary preview / promo] (read the first part like it is part of the documentary? or the more-promo bit at the end?) Stories of beautiful, bloodthirsty female warrior women thundering across arid battlefields have been told, re-told and speculated about for thousands of years. Greek myths are […] Read more

Amazonia by James Rollins Book Trailer

A field operative is found alive after disappearing into the Amazon 4 years ago. He dies before he can answer- What happened to him? Where are the others from the expedition? And how did he go into the Amazon with only one arm and come out with two? Now a new expedition will enter Looking […] Read more

AMC Movie Marathon Promo

Go back to high school without REALLY going back to high school? Ahhhh, it’s the ‘Back To School Movie Marathon’ Sunday, August 29th only on AMC […] Read more

American Justice Promo

They’re kids committing awful crimes…Are they homicidal monsters…Or are they abused minors. Do they need us to get tough, or get treatment? American Justice, Wednesday on Channel 12 […] Read more