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Promo & Trailer

Animal Planet – King of the Jungle

Tomorrow at 8 Animal Planet brings 12 animal experts through the most grueling job interview on the planet to see if they have the knowledge, the courage, and onscreen personality to win a killer prize: their own television show. Jeff Corwin hosts, King of the Jungle: The Rumble Continues. Tomorrow at 8, only on Animal […] Read more

Anne Perry Mystery

A shattered romance. A scandalous lawsuit. A savage murder. A suspenseful new case for Victorian detective William Monk. Presenting Anne Perry’s latest murder mystery, “A Breach of Promise.” Kirkus Reviews calls it, “A banquet for history buffs.” Critic Kay Hellman says, “Perry’s Victorian England pulsates with life and…wonderfully memorable characters.” Read “A Breach of Promise,” […] Read more

Art Exhibit-local

Yoko Ono and the Las Olas Art Center and Big 105.9 Miami’s Classic Rock present, “Instant Karma” the artwork of John Lennon. Featuring rare original drawings from 1965-1980. January 28th, 29th, and 30th at the Las Olas Art Center. 600 Southeast Second Court. For show info and directions call: 954-463-8863. A suggested $2 donation will […] Read more


An insightful and inspiring collection of interviews with ten women authors, I Gotta Crow, explores and celebrates the voice of the woman writer with grace and wisdom […] Read more

Band Of Brothers

There was a time when the world asked ordinary men to do extraordinary things. Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg present, Band of Brothers […] Read more


Sunday…The Duke Blue Devils continue their ACC Basketball season against the Maryland Terps. Sunday…ACC basketball…on CBS […] Read more


Monday… same day as the U.K. It’s the British Academy Film Awards 2016. It’s the biggest event in the British movie calendar, and the red carpet is where it all begins. The film industry’s brightest stars are all here, hoping to get their hands on the coveted BAFTA mask. Same day as the U.K… British […] Read more

Bermuda Triangle

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle remains… Why do more ships and planes vanish in the Bermuda Triangle — without a trace — than anywhere — else on earth? Pilot error, water spouts, riptides, — all plausible explanations, but what is the real truth? The Discovery Channel presents . . . the mystery of the […] Read more

Biography Of The Year On A&E

In 1995 it was OJ Simpson. In 1996, Bill Gates. In 1997, Princess Diana. In 1998 it was Bill Clinton. In 2013, who will be A&E’s Biography of the year? Find out December 13 at 8 Pacific, 9 Eastern, on A&E […] Read more

Black Robe

A man who believed in the mysteries of his faith.A people who believed in the magic of the earth.In a world of savage beauty.And a time of discovery.They met,and shared an extraordinary adventure.A test of courage,and a triumph of the will.From Bruce Beresford,,comes an epic story of the heart…and spirit.Black Robe […] Read more