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Promo & Trailer

Castle In The Sky

Above the clouds Beyond legend There is a castle in the sky From master film maker Hayao Miyazaki A girl with a magical crystal A boy with an irresistible dream Together they found the courage to take off on an unforgettable adventure Battling the forces of evil And protecting the secrets of the castle in […] Read more

CBS- 20/20

Three happy wives. They vowed to be faithful. But one is more likely to cheat. Is it the first-time mom, the model, or the housewife? Cast your vote online at ABCnews.com. What you learn may save your marriage […] Read more


Some, fight for warlords, they, fought for an empire, their might inspired generations of soldiers and struck fear in the heart of their enemies, they, are centurions […] Read more

Channel 1 (comcast Digital Cable)

Last time we looked, there were over 300 television channels already out there. And that’s plenty. But the way we look at it, Channel 1 is a “channel” in name only. Because your average TV channel can’t give you an abs workout at exactly 7:42AM. Or become an instant Karaoke machine if your friends drop […] Read more

Channel Eleven Eyewitness News

Everyone said she’d make a wonderful mother and now they say she’s killed her baby. How could this have happened?For many new mothers, changes in their hormonal balance may cause mild depression after giving birth, but tonight on eyewitness news, we talk to mothers whose hormones nearly drove them insane.It’s called Postpartum Psychosis, new mothers–find […] Read more


The next time your in Bean Town drop in and pay us a visit for old times sake. We get people coming by all the time just because: Sometimes something unexpected and magical happens like tapping a pencil […] Read more

Chevy Promo

Student athletes have to work twice as hard. Which is why we’ve offered some help. Michelle Kwan and Chevy invite you to enter the R.E.W.A.R.D.S. Scholarship Program. Morning classes. Afternoon practice. And the occasional all night study session. When you’re balancing athletics with academics, it’s tough to keep your winning edge. Which is why Michelle […] Read more

CNBC Announcement

The preceding was a paid program. The opinions stated do not express the views of CNBC or its employees […] Read more

CNN – 99rs

They’re called the 99rs…because their 99 week limit on unemployment has run out. Tonight…what do the jobless do when their safety net is gone? The CNN Newsroom…6 o’clock Eastern only on CNN […] Read more

College Football Promo – Michigan

The Michigan football team is within sight of the summit of their mountain Their journey inspiration in part from those that have climbed the highest mountain Michigan Stadium is called “The Big House”, but it’s more than that It’s a house of history A house of pride A house of tradition A house of WINNING […] Read more