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By 1929, patronage on the nation’s street railways was showing an alarming decline. True, part of this was due to both the automobile and the Depression, but a formidable factor was the trolley itself, by then considered old-fashioned. It was unattractive, it was noisy, it was slow. Many efforts were made to produce an ideal […] Read More


Welcome to the Rice Museum’s special exhibit: Tibet, the Sacred Realm. The photographs you are about to see contain more than 180 images, most of which have never before been shown in public. No country in the world remains more mysterious, distant, and inaccessible than Tibet. Bordered by the massive Himalayas to the south and […] Read More


Set within a lush, tropical landscape, Thailand is a theater of cultural and sensual contrasts for the visitor. The long, rich heritage and abundant natural resources of this proud Buddhist nation jostle for space within the dynamism of a country undergoing economic boom and bust. In turns zestful and tranquil, resplendent and subtle, Thailand is […] Read More


At first glance, visitors in Tampa will see an abundance of excitement. Take your time, though, and appreciate its combination of Old World charm and contemporary settings. Fine dining, extravagant shopping excursions, legendary nightlife and world-class attractions lead the list of things to do while vacationing here. Tour guides, concierges and local Tampa “experts” share […] Read More


Known variously as the Seven Sisters, the Seven Virgins, and the Daughters of Atlas, the Pleiades (plee-uh-dees) have been held in high esteem through the ages. Temples in ancient Greece were built to face them, as was a passage leading from the Great Pyramid at Giza. In Japan, the Feast of Lanterns is a remnant […] Read More


There was a good dollop of whimsy in the nineteenth-century creative mind, and when it came to designing floral and scenic decorative glass, it was easy to extend the quest for realism into the realm of animal forms. Birds are perhaps the most popular animals depicted, which is interesting, given the difficulty of effectively rendering […] Read More


Sri Lanka can be divided into four regions: the central highlands, the southwest, the east, and the northern lowlands. The central highlands, with an average elevation of more than 5,000 feet, dominate the island’s relief. The terrain consists of high mountains and plateaus, narrow gorges, and deep river valleys. Near their center is the highest […] Read More


January 28th, 1986. America was shocked by a bolt out of the blue…a devastation that shattered the U.S. Space program. On January 28th, 1986, as school children looked skyward, the space shuttle challenger flight, with it’s crew of seven ended in disaster […] Read More


#1: Snakes belong to a group of animals called reptiles. Every snake has a long legless body covered with scales, and the tongue that constantly flickers in and out of it’s mouth. By contracting and expanding their muscular bodies snakes can move very quickly in S-shape waves along the ground or in the water.   […] Read More


#1: Seattle, like many large cities, is really a collection of neighborhoods — small towns if you will — that combine to give the appearance of one large urban center. But take the time to look a little closer and you’ll discover each section of the city is distinct in character, with its own attractions […] Read More