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Cabinet Construction

Whether you’re building a dresser, a kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity; basic cabinet construction is the same. A cabinet consists of a case with two sides, bottom and top, and a back and front. The front may contain drawers, doors or shelves; or a combination of all three. The simplest case construction is a box […] Read more


The processes which Calculus illuminates are distributed over an enormous range in the physical sciences, from the motions of the stars to the behavior of nuclear particles; in biological sciences, from basic growth to communication problems; and in the social sciences, from population studies to the theoretical basis for scientific decision making. Calculus can be […] Read more

Caulking Material

For caulking material to be effective, it must bead across the gap between the materials and remain flexible as the changing temperature causes the materials to move. Improper or inadequate caulking can cause several problems. For one, there’s poor control of heat. That is, heat infiltrates in the summer and escapes in the winter, causing […] Read more

Central Limit Theorem

If samples of a population with size n are drawn, and the values of x-bar are calculated for each sample group, and the distribution of x-bar is found, the distribution’s shape is found to approach a normal distribution for sufficiently large n. This theorem allows one to use the assumption of a normal distribution when […] Read more

Checking Account (dialogue)

Banker: Good morning, how can I help you today? Customer: I’d like to open a checking account. Banker: Great! I can help you with that. Please sit down, my name is John. Customer: Hi, thanks, I’m Brian. Banker: Okay Brian, great. Is this going to be a personal checking account? Customer: Yes, thanks. Banker: Do […] Read more

Children’s Educational Space Game

Today we’re going to explore all of the planets in our solar system and some other places as well. We’ll travel into the future when astronauts live throughout the solar system. On each world we’ll see what the weather is like, what we would wear, and what we would do to have fun! Grab your […] Read more

Company Website Greeting

Meet Bob. Like 95% of car shoppers, he uses his computer, smartphone and tablet to shop for his next car.A few years ago, you could have reached Bob through traditional means such as Direct mail, TV or radio, and newspaper ads.Today, that simply isn’t enough. According to Google – consumers visit 18 websites on average […] Read more


Composites are a pre-designed combination of fibrous reinforcements held together by a polymer matrix. Reinforcements can be aramid, carbon, or glass fibers, and the matrix either a thermoset or a thermoplastic resin. Product forms include unidirectional tape, woven fabrics, or continuous filaments which can be layered or wrapped in various orientations. When heat treated and […] Read more

Conair Hair Cutting Kit

In the next few minutes, you’re going to see some hairstyles your entire family will love. Hairstyles that are easy to create. Just follow the simple techniques on this video and you’ll soon be cutting hair like a pro. Before we begin, let’s review what’s included in your haircutting kit: In addition to the powerful, […] Read more

Confidence with Women

Remember our conversation about money from the last chapter? Let me refresh your memory: it’s a commonly held belief that women are attracted to men with money. The reason women seem to fall for wealthy men is that humans work on what is called a “slippery slope mentality,” which means that our thought processes typically […] Read more