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Best Buy

Thanks you for calling Best Buy. For service in English, press 1. … To access our self service applications, such as Rewardzone, order status, or store locator, press 1. For questions regarding Rewardzone, press 2. To speak to someone who will guide you to the right place, press 3 […] Read more

Bethesda Library

You’ve reached the downtown Bethesda Library, home to thousands of titles for children, teens, and adults. For library hours and location, please press 1. To reserve a recent publication, including periodicals, please press 2. For other information, please press 0 to speak to one of our librarians […] Read more

Calling Card Number

Please enter your calling card number now. Please enter your destination number. Please hold while we transfer your call. We’re sorry, the entered number is not valid. Please try again later. Please contact customer service at the number on the card. Thank you […] Read more


Welcome to Chase… Where the right relationship is everything. We are pleased to have you as a Chase Platinum card member. Please enter the last 4 digits of your account number followed by the “#” sign. For detailed account information or the address to mail your payment… Press 1 For your 5 most recent transactions, […] Read more

Cigna Healthcare

Thank you for calling CIGNA Healthcare. To assure quality service, your call may be monitored. To select, or change your primary care physician, press 1. For questions about a claim or a bill, press 2. For benefit information and all other questions, press 3 […] Read more

Cigna Healthcare 2

To use the automated provider access line for referrals and eligibility, press 1. For medical and prescription authorizations and benefit inquiries, press 2. For questions about a claim, press 3. For credentialing, or to speak with provider relations, press 4. For all other questions, press 5 […] Read more

Cigna Healthcare 3

For benefits and eligibility, press 1. For medical authorizations, or to speak with health services, press 2. For prescription authorization and other pharmacy questions, press 3. All of our customer service representatives are presently on a call. Please hold and your call will be handled by the next available representative. Thank you for your patience […] Read more


If you already know the 3-digit code for the service you’d like to hear, please enter it now, or at anytime during this recording […] Read more

Continental Airlines On Hold

Thank you for calling Continental Airlines. Your call is important to us; please stay on the line and a representative will be with you shortly. While you’re waiting, we’d like to tell you about important reward services Continental Airlines has to offer you. Did you know that you can earn 1000 One Pass bonus miles […] Read more

Cottage Florist

Thank you for calling the cottage florist. Your call is very important to us. Unfortunately, all of our lines are busy at the moment. Please remain on the line; someone will be with you as soon as possible. Thank you for holding […] Read more