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Please hold while the Nextel subscriber you are trying to reach is located. Please hold your call is being transferred to an automated voicemail system. 203.555.1673 is not available at this time, please leave a message at the tone […] Read more

Northeast Savings Bank

Thank you for calling Northeast Savings Bank. To hear about our banking hours, press 1. For account balance information, press 2. To transfer funds, pay bills by phone, or obtain information about in-clearing checks, press 3. Otherwise, to speak to a banking representative, please stay on the line, and your call will be answered in […] Read more


If you are satisfied with the work that we performed, please press 1 on your touch-tone phone, or say “yes” when you hear the tone. If the trouble has not been corrected, and you would like a representative to call you, please press 2, or say the word “no” when you hear the tone. If […] Read more

Nynex On Hold

Your call is important to us, please continue to hold…a representative will be with you shortly. While you’re on hold, we’d like to tell you about important services our company has to offer you. Did you know that we offer a “gold package” to our most valuable customers? Ask your representative for more information […] Read more

One Look

Hello, and welcome to the “One Look” worldwide customer assistance and satisfaction service center. Please listen carefully to the following menu as our options have recently changed. For Sales, press or say “1” For Technical Support not relating to software, press or say “2” For Software Technical Support, press or say “3” If you know […] Read more

Onlife Insurance

Thank you for calling OnLife Insurance. This call may be recorded for quality purposes. If you are calling from a touch tone phone, please press one now. Please make your selection from the following six choices: If you do not have a policy with us and would like a rate quote, press one now. For […] Read more

Pharmacy Locator

Welcome to the Automated Pharmacy Locator. Please enter your 11- digit account number now. Please hold while we access your account information. Please enter the five-digit zip code for the area in which you would like to locate a participating pharmacy now. Please hold while I check for your participating pharmacies. The pharmacies in the […] Read more

Pin Number

Thank you for calling. Please enter your PIN number. We’re sorry, that is an invalid entry. Please enter your card number now, followed by the pound key. Please enter your card number now. We’re sorry, the entered card number is not valid. Please try again later. Thank you […] Read more

Poitin Bar and Kitchen

Welcome to Poitin Bar and Kitchen. If you’d like to make a reservation, press 1. To speak with the Event Coordinator, press 2. For Office and Accounts, press 3.To repeat these options, press 9 […] Read more

Prudential Healthcare

Thank you for calling Prudential HealthCare’s self-service system. Please have your plan member ID ready when prompted. To check the status of a claim, press 1. To verify eligibility and obtain benefit information, press 2. To obtain our mailing address for claims, press 3. To request a Primary Care Physician change, press 4. To make […] Read more