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Welcome to Dell. Your call may be recorded. To dial an extension, press 1 now. For sales, press 2. If you know your express service code or need technical support, press 3. For all other customer support, including order status, press 4. To repeat any menu, press 7 […] Read more

Delta Airlines Flightline

Hi and welcome to Flightline, Delta’s automated flight departure and arrival system. For tips on using this system, say instructions… Remember, you can say help at any time during our call. First, tell me either the flight number, or just the departure city […] Read more

Directory Asistance

This is AT &T To place a call, please dial the number you are calling. For the Directory press one For other requests, please say information, credit or operator. Thank you for using AT & T information. Can I help you? Who is the party you are looking for? OK, the only listing for that […] Read more

Directory Assistance 2

Can I Help you? Who is the party you are looking for? OK, the only listing for that party is at One Main Street. Can I dial that number for you at no charge […] Read more

Discover Card

Thank you for calling Discover Card. Please enter you account number. Please enter the last 4 digits of your social security number. For information on account transactions, Press 1. For stop payment, Press 2. To make a transfer, Press 3. To repeat menu, Press 8. To return to the main menu, Press 9. Please hold […] Read more

Dumbfounded Dialer

You have reached the number that you have reached. If you dialed this number please hang up and try again. If you did not dial this number and have just picked up the phone, please hang up and call your psychiatrist. You’re hearing voices again […] Read more


Thank you for calling eNetwork. Our calls are monitored to insure optimal service. Our menu items have changed. Please listen to the following choices: To place a catalog order, press 1 now. For customer service and all internet-related questions, press 2 now. To obtain a catalog, press 3 now. For retail store information, press 4 […] Read more


Thank you for calling the ENT faculty practice. If you know your party’s extension you may dial it any time. If you are calling for a prescription refill, please dial 1, if you are calling for an appointment, please dial 2, for directions, please dial 3 […] Read more

Environmental Construction

Thanks for holding. Our newest showroom, Environmental Depot, is now open at 9914 Highway 290 West in Austin, Texas. This 2,000 square foot showroom features our Natural, Sustainable and Recycled woods and a full line of non-toxic paints, sealants and wood finishes. For more information, please stay on the line – we’ll be with you […] Read more

Equinox Investment Partners

Thank you for calling Equinox Investment Partners. If you know your party’s extension, please dial it at any time. For a company directory, please press pound […] Read more