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Robert A. Cardello Architects

Thank you for calling Robert A. Cardello Architects. If you know your party’s extension, you may dial it at any time. For a list of names and extensions, please press 2. For our mailing address or fax number, please visit our website at www.cardelloarchitects.com […] Read more

Spencer State Bank

Thank you for calling the Spencer State Bank. If you know your party’s extension, you may enter that number at any time. For account balance information, press 1. To transfer funds, pay bills by phone, or obtain information on checks that have cleared, press 2. To speak with a bank representative, please stay on the […] Read more


Thank you for calling Sprint. Due to the recent increase in demand for Sprint services, customers may experience delays in reaching a customer representative. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience. For dialing instructions, press 1. For rate and time period information, press 2. If you are a business customer, press 3. If […] Read more

Standard Federal

Welcome to Standard Federal. To enter a branch number, press 1. To enter an extension number, press 2. For questions about an existing mortgage, press 3. To speak to an operator, press zero or stay on the line […] Read more

Stathmore Arts Center

“Welcome to the Strathmore Arts Center located at Grosvenor. For our current performance schedule, press 1 followed by the # sign. To order tickets, or to speak to one of our sales representatives, please press 0 followed by the # sign. Thanks for calling Montgomery County’s beautiful and convenient center for the arts.” […] Read more

The Aura Wellness Center (yoga Studio)

Thank you for calling The Aura Wellness Center. Your call will be answered in the order in which it was received. Your estimated wait time is approximately 3 minutes. As a reminder you can save $10 on every 10-class card you purchase through our website at riyoga.com. To check the schedule of classes today, please […] Read more

The Weather – Today and Tomorrow

Mostly cloudy, breezy and colder today. Frigid tonight. Partly sunny tomorrow. Today colder high 28 low 7 Tuesday breezy and frigid high 18 low 12 Wednesday Not so cold high 32 low 16 Thursday mostly cloudy high 31 low 20 Friday, morning snow high 27 low 16 […] Read more


Thank you for calling Toys-R-Us. As the worldwide resource for kids, family and fun, we take pride in all of our service offerings. Please listen carefully to our new menu options. If you are calling about our Times Square store, the center of the Toy universe, press 1. If you are calling about any of […] Read more

United Airlines

Thank you for calling United Airlines international sales. All of our owner-representatives are assisting customers at this time. Your business is important to us. Please stay on the line and the next available representative will be with you shortly […] Read more