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Commercial Business Free Voice Over Scripts


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A Pomo Linux Operating System Script

Linux Mint Debian 10 “Julia” An elegant and comfortable operating system both powerful and simple to use. One of the most dependable computing solutions in the world. With Linux Mint Debian 10 “Julia” Enjoy powerful, out of the box features Such as Full multimedia support with extreme easy of uses. Access to over 30,000 Software […] Read more


In a world of new, higher tax brackets, your investment broker can be a valuable source for investment ideas that can help you reduce taxes. It’s all part of the complete service AG Edwards is committed to offering you. Not only this year, but every year. The time to start next year’s tax planning is […] Read more


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Welcome to Accu-Data payroll, the home of personalized payroll service. For over twenty five years delivering attention, accuracy and service. We know each client on a first name basis. Staff members answer our phones, not voice mail. Whether your business is large or small with our cutting edge technology we can respond to your specific […] Read more

Ace Brand Lawn & Garden

You know, Ace Brand lawn and garden supplies are made with a satisfaction guarantee. Because all the talk in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t back it up. Ace Brand […] Read more

Acme Investment Advisors

I was going crazy trying to plan our financial future. It got so bad, even my calculator was threatening to quit. [Henry’s Investment Advisors] took my whole financial snapshot: net worth, investing timeline, financial goals, and created a portfolio tailored to my life and needs. Now I’m resting easy. And I sent my calculator on […] Read more

Acura — Connection

Make the ACURA CONNECTION, and connect with the style and performance of a winner! Introducing the exciting new line of ACURAs. World class automobiles, unsurpassed in quality, undeniably luxurious, and unbelievably reliable. That’s Acura for 2000. Make the connection! Smear campaigns…mud slinging…twisting the truth. Why do politicians resort to such underhanded tactics? Do they think […] Read more


This year…. One out of 3 people over 65 will fall. Now, you can have peace of mind with ADT companion services. Just one touch of a button puts you in contact with an ADT trained professional who can call an ambulance and help with any medical emergency. Protect your independence. Call now for free […] Read more