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Advanced Hormone Solutions

MAN: At Advanced Hormone Solutions, a leading hormone clinic in Paramus, New Jersey, we provide bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to help our patients reclaim their well-being. WOMAN: The result is a return to an optimal youthful balance and helps people return to their former vibrant selves. MAN: Unlike synthetic hormones, bio-identical hormones are created to […] Read more

Adventure Magazine

Introducing ADVENTURE. The daring new magazine from National Geographic. For experience from the serene to the extreme. If you seek out the unconventional way to go, National Geographic ADVENTURE is for you. It’s your complete guide to adventure, with everything from weekend wilderness destinations near you to in-depth accounts of modern exploration and survival. Act […] Read more


No matter where we live–when it comes to something as important as health care–we all want the best. That’s why AETNA and US HEALTHCARE have joined forces to create a partnership that will set a new standard for quality and caring. AETNA and US HEALTHCARE. Raising a standard for your town, for your family, and […] Read more


Man has always dreamed of getting to the other side. Some make it, some don’t. But at least your phone calls get there. Because Agilent provides technologies for almost every kind of communications network. From way down here to way up here […] Read more

AHA Bubbles

There is a tremendous amount of thought and care that go into hospitas each and every ay. The wonderful, proud moments. The life-saving treatments. Even the miraculous. It’s just a way of life for over 5 million people that work in America’s hospitals every day. It makes you wonder sometimes though. With all this amazing […] Read more


The Greatest Risk Is Not Taking One. They gave up everything. Their families. Their friends. Their homes. The villages they were born in. They arrived with only the clothes on their backs. Vulnerable. Scared. But brimming with hope and determined that a better life was within their grasp. Today, risk takers don’t have to go […] Read more


What does it take to break through a foundation of thinking that’s been accepted for years? A bold stroke. But it doesn’t mean turning things on their heads without understanding all the possible consequences. It takes a complete understanding of what lies on the other side […] Read more


This is Nick. This is Nora. This is Nick’s nose. This is Nora’s nose. Nick’s nose likes a little air freshener. Nora’s nose likes a lot. Their noses didn’t know what to do. Until their nosy neighbor Ned told them about new improved Airwick Airwaves. Airways have a low setting for Nick’s nose […] Read more


Flock to Florida, hang ten in Hawaii, cruise in California… whichever sun-sational trip you take, you’ll get discounts of up to 25% off Alamo’s great rates, so you can have a cool time in a hot place. See ya in the sun! Call your local Virtuso travel specialist for reservations or information […] Read more


Throughout the world, Alcatel is helping to provide advanced communication system solutions. We believe in working in close partnership with our customers to provide these solutions. Solutions which bring people together throughout the world. Our success not only makes us number one worldwide, but more importantly, confirms our commitment to total customer satisfaction. Alcatel. Your […] Read more