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Now, you can get unlimited long distance, plus unlimited local, toll and five calling services. Since you’re a valued Verizon customer, we want you to be among the first to know about something new that can really stretch your dollar. Introducing Veriations Freedom featuring unlimited calling to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada – anytime, […] Read More


Good Call/Bad Call Style setter or fashion faux paus? We’re asking you to make the call. Use your Verizon Wireless camera phone to send us photos of head turning fashion and you could win a trip to New York City for the ultimate makeover! OR Snap it/Stlye it/Share it Now you can shoot pics right […] Read More


Verizon Wireless has great news. Now you can get TalkAlong, the affordable cellular service, for a monthly access fee of just $14.99. You can select any calling area you want. And get this … sign up before April 30th, and we’ll waive your $25 activation fee. So call VERIZON at 1-800-255-CALL. New activation on a […] Read More


. . . We’re standing by ready to listen to your needs and share all the ways we can save you money. In fact, we’re so confident we’ll know how to save you money, we’ll give you 30 free minutes of long distance if we don’t, no strings attached. So call Verizon at 1-888-247-8587 before […] Read More


You want reliable wireless minutes, you need a reliable network. That’s the Verizon wireless network. A simple truth missed entirely by this shopper. She’s looking for a signal. Produce? Nope. Canned Goods? No Signal.. A glimmer of a connection in chips and dips and then sadly, nothing. With the Verizon wireless network she could be […] Read More


Adapting to an evolving market. Keeping an eye on the future, as well as the pulse of today. Clear and candid discussion and advice. What does your investment company offer? Vanguard. Client owned, client trusted […] Read More


So you’ve decided to have a baby. Now comes the first new decision as a parent. Which hospital should you choose? Just ask the parents of some 3200 babies born at the Valley Hospital last year, and they’ll tell you that it wasn’t just the nice surroundings that brought them here, but the security of […] Read More


People don’t always use common sense. Fortunately, there’s a health care company that does. United HealthCare. Health planning tools to fight rising costs. 24-hour access to registered nurses. Preventive health care solutions. United HealthCare. It just makes sense […] Read More


Everyday we take all we know about the human condition and break it down. We take it apart and we inspect it. Does it save lives today? Will it save lives tomorrow? Is it the best it can be? We aren’t satisfied with merely answering the questions, we question the answers. We re-invent medicine. We […] Read More


U.S. Savings Bonds are helping millions of Americans save for their retirement — easily and safely. When you buy U.S. Savings Bonds, you’ll know your money will be there when you retire. Your investment is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. Whatever your plans for retirement, U.S. Savings Bonds can […] Read More