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Commercial Business Free Voice Over Scripts


Ameritech. Your link to better communications. Service not available in all areas. Normal usage charges and limitations apply. To subscribe on a monthly basis or to block the service from your line call 1-800-643-3785 […] Read more


So much beauty in one place! America is a great country, and we’ve got the best way to see it. Amtrak “Explore America” fares. Round trips from one hundred and seventy nine dollars all across America. It’s a great country at a great price. Call 1-800-USA-RAIL now about Amtrak “Explore America” fares […] Read more


For many folks, “the country” isn’t a place, it’s a state of mind. It’s watching a glorious sunrise from their breakfast table. It’s spending a lazy afternoon in the company of golden light. To them, it’s the experience of living with Andersen Light. To learn more about Andersen Light, see your Andersen Window Expert, or […] Read more

Annenberg Pets

Learn more at annenbergpetspace.org. Where LA comes to play, adopt, learn, and grow […] Read more


Ok, that meeting is at 11 – and at 10:00, I’m sitting here with a jammed printer, a crashed computer, a fried network connection and I’m pulling my hair out – which is NOT good, ‘cause I don’t have much hair to begin with! Then it dawns on me – I’ve got that new Ultimate […] Read more


Now you can get high speed internet access at great savings when you connect to AOL’s ITS ALL HERE package. Plus you’ll get 250 channels free for joining the AOL community today. Call 1.800.OKCABLE today and we’ll throw in three months of free HBO or Showtime. AOL, we are always on, are you […] Read more

AOL #2

AOL 9.0 Optimized with computer check-up can make fixing your computer, well, child’s play. To learn more, visit AOL keyword ‘computer check-up’, or call 1-800-4-ONLINE […] Read more


You know your kid is online. But do you have any idea what on earth that young man could be up to? Add AOL for Broadband with Guardian and Web Unlock to put you more in charge of what your kids see and do online. So, high-speed parents . . . meet AOL for Broadband […] Read more


America Online is proud to support Sesame Street. No two kids are alike but what they all share is endless curiosity. AOL helps kids find new things to be curious about every day. America Online. Never stop learning […] Read more


Wearing out your welcome? Keep your friends, and search for your own place at apartmentguide.com. You’ll see more listings with more photos and more floor plans than anyplace on the net. You’ve read the book, now get the big picture. Apartmentguide.com… find your place […] Read more