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Commercial Business Free Voice Over Scripts


Thanks to One Rate, this isn’t just any phone. It’s my “Bob, how’s the power in Utah?’ phone, my “..red..no make that teal” phone, my “How’re you doing in college?’ phone. My “Can you deliver the piano on …Tuesday” phone. The world of wireless has changed. AT&T Digital One Rate […] Read more


At AT&T Wireless, we’ve made great improvements to our GSM network that are hard to miss. Like double the coverage, and improved signal strength, even in buildings. Introducing GSM America from AT&T Wireless. To experience our best network ever, stop by a store today. How many bars do you have […] Read more


On your way home, pick up a new Blackberry. It lets you send and receive work and personal emails, talk on the phone, check addresses and your calendar, all with security features that allow for safe transactions. And, because it runs on the AT&T Wireless network, you can use it just about anywhere you go. […] Read more

Athena Health

For a physician, their passion lies with helping others, not dealing with a mountain of medical paperwork. That’s why Athena Health is here to help. Athena Health is the leading provider of cloud based business and clinical services, including Electronic Health Record Software, patient engagement, and many more. For an award-winning company dedicated to serving […] Read more


When you think of Atlanta Bread Company, don’t just think “bread.” Think of an entire breakfast menu – fresh-baked pastries, hot breakfast sandwiches and specialty coffees. Think of our Café with savory sandwiches, daily soups and crisp salads. And don’t forget…we can cater your next special event or meeting! Atlanta Bread Company – more than […] Read more

Attorney Locators

It can be extremely difficult to locate an attorney in Central Florida these days. People just dont know where to look or who to call when they’ve been injured. Thank goodness for Attorney Locaters. They were able to find a personal injury lawyer in the Orlando area, who was even willing to give me a […] Read more


VO: Let’s get real for a second. VO: The global economy is going through mind-boggling changes. In two years there will be more than 20 billion connected things on this planet. VO: Behind these extraordinary data points are real challenges. How to adapt quickly to changing business needs. How to make the most of a […] Read more

Austin’s Car Company

Looking for a new set of wheels but have to trade in your old ones first? Check out Austin’s number one automotive buy and sell online at www.website.com. We’ve got cars of all shapes and sizes listed on the web including vintage cars, family vans, and sports cars! Whether you’re trading in old faithful or buying […] Read more

Automated Voice in Airport

NARRATOR: Welcome to Ontario International Airport…. You’re our top priority. And we have everything a discerning traveler could ask for. Like location, location, location. Ontario International is the only airport in our area that offers easy access to Los Angeles and all of Southern California. No one likes to sit in traffic. Passengers with morning […] Read more


Check out the bright ideas in automotive lighting at Autozone. Whether you want lights to help you see better, or make your car look better. You’ll find them at Autozone. Get in the zone. Autozone […] Read more