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Commercial Free Voice Over Scripts

Anti-Drug Campaign 3

It’s not half as uncomfortable as talking to your kids about sex. But just as important. Talking to your kids about marijuana can clear up a lot of the questions they might have. And the ones you might have, too. Talking about marijuana can also make your kids feel more at ease in dealing with […] Read more

Anti-Drug Campaign 4

At 4:00 my kid will be at _________________________. If you can’t fill in the blank, you need to start asking. It’s a proven way to steer kids clear of drugs. It’s not pestering. It’s parenting. ASK: WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? QUESTIONS. THE ANTI-DRUG […] Read more

Anti-Drug Campaign 5

Talking to your friends about their problems with drugs and alcohol might not be easy. But it can make all the difference. Courage. The anti-drug […] Read more


Kids need to talk about not smoking with someone they can trust. YOU. The “Take 10” challenge invites you to take a written pledge to discuss with your children why they shouldn’t smoke. Once you sign, we’ll also send you the tools you’ll need to get your conversation started […] Read more

Anti-Smoking 2

Passing gas around infants. Can be deadly. Passing gas releases a toxic fog of ammonia and hydrogen cyanide, which can be especially harmful on an infant’s developing lungs. Passing gas can even contribute to sudden infant death syndrome. Kids shouldn’t be exposed to second hand smoke. Don’t pass gas – take it outside […] Read more


Now you can get high speed internet access at great savings when you connect to AOL’s ITS ALL HERE package. Plus you’ll get 250 channel free for joining the AOL community today. Call 1.800.OKCABLE today and we’ll throw in three months of free HBO or Showtime AOL, we are always on, are you […] Read more

AOL & Sesame Street

At America Online, we understand that each child is unique and they are curious about everything. That’s why we proudly support Sesame Street in finding new things to learn about every day. We believe everyone should keep learning, for life.   […] Read more

AOL Broadband

In 2006, AOL Broadband was the third-largest provider, with over 2 million customers, and in 2013 it was rated by Which? Magazine as “the worst for broadband problems.” By 2014 AOL was not taking any more new customers and directed the to TalkTalk for their broadband package.   […] Read more


Do you need a new place to live? Apartmentguide.com can help you search for your own space with more listings, more floor plans, and more photos than any other website. Visit us at Apartmentguide.com and let us find your place today!   […] Read more

Appalachia Childrens Fund

In Appalachia, there are still little children like Amy who go to bed hungry at night – little children who are deprived of the basic necessities, right here in America. For just $24 a month, you can sponsor a child in desperate need. You can provide food, warm clothes, health and school needs – and […] Read more