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This is not a scene from a century ago. It’s circa 2000, a portrait of modern-day riders of the purple sage. See the Old West in Arizona. Where it’s easy to wrangle a visit to a real ranch, be it wild or wildly luxurious. For your free travel packet, contact Arizona tourism at 1-800-925-6689 or www.ArizonaGuide.com. […] Read more

Arizona 2

Arizona is a vacation destiny like no other. An entirely unique state of mind that gives you everything you’d expect from the grandest of states. From towering red rock spires to urban excitement, the Grand Canyon’s stunning vistas to quiet mountain towns, Arizona has it all […] Read more

Arizona Lottery Holiday Scratchers

Shop less and scratch more with six new Holiday Scratchers tickets from the Arizona Lottery! With millions in prizes up for grabs, skip the stress of holiday shopping and give the gift of Scratchers […] Read more


Just enjoy a place that will make you forget all about work, deadlines, schedules, budgets, and all that other junk. A place that will refresh, renew, and reinvigorate you. Arkansas, The Natural State […] Read more


It’s the look you’re looking for. Your own unique style. Visions Solarian allows you to combine color to create borders, stripes, insets, accents. Unlimited options can make your room brighter, more colorful, more interesting, more personal. See for yourself. Call 1-800 233-3823 for your nearest Armstrong Floor Fashion Center retailer […] Read more

Arnold’s Breads

Let me tell you about the Arnold bread man … lots of years ago, when I was just a little kid, he’d make deliveries to our house every day, just like the milkman and the iceman. I remember to this day, those special tiny loaves he carried and the big smile on his face when […] Read more

Art Exhibit-local

Yoko Ono and the Las Olas Art Center and Big 105.9 Miami’s Classic Rock present, “Instant Karma” the artwork of John Lennon. Featuring rare original drawings from 1965-1980. January 28th, 29th, and 30th at the Las Olas Art Center. 600 Southeast Second Court. For show info and directions call: 954-463-8863. A suggested $2 donation will […] Read more

Arthritis Foundation

There’s something you can do — right now — that will ease the pain of arthritis in years to come. By remembering The Arthritis Foundation in your will, you can help us find ways to stop this serious, often crippling disease. A disease that affects one in every seven Americans. Call THE ARTHRITIS FOUNDATION, at […] Read more


There’s an island so unique even the trees bend to your wishes. Where people smile when they say hello. You may not feel a drop of rain, but you’ll love the water. It’s all up to you on Aruba. Call your travel agent, or 1-800-TO-ARUBA. ARUBA, the island for you […] Read more


On other islands, the trees grow straight up. On Aruba, they may take another path. On other islands, the coins are round. Ours are square. On other islands, they still charge you for a rainy day. We have almost no rainy days. On other islands, your vacation is one of many businesses. On Aruba, it’s […] Read more