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Commercial Free Voice Over Scripts


What does seven cents get you in the modern world? Well for one thing, it’ll get you wireless service. Wireless service from AT&T. Now when you sign up for most plans from AT&T Wireless services, it’s only seven cents for your first monthly service charge, seven cents for activation. Plus if you sign up now […] Read more


With AND by AT&T you’ll have a guaranteed way to keep the conversation going. You’ll enjoy unlimited long-distance and local, allowing you to talk on and on, as long as you like. Weekends, nights, holidays, and all times in between. AT&T AND brings it all together, call 1800 ATT 4ALL today to sign up […] Read more

AT&T Broadband

Get free cable plus Cinemax, The Movie Channel, and professional installation on any package! Don’t be confused about choosing dish or cable, AT&T Broadband delivers more. For just $39.99 a month you can enjoy 230 channels on 2 TVs. Call 1-800-CABLE-ME now!     […] Read more

AT&T Earth Day

Today is the twentieth anniversary of Earth Day and the message of Pittsburgh is clear. Someday soon we will awake in a different place, better as we contemplate the important and delicate balance between us and our environment. In a tribute to our commitment to reversing damages, AT&T is working with scientists and 100 million […] Read more

AT&T Future

Imagine, correspondence without pen, paper, or postage. Instant memos transmitted from your screen to another screen, email, or fax. AT&T brings you notes from thin air.   […] Read more

AT&T Long Distance 2

AT&T announces something different on the horizon. Automated Long Distance Memory is a special way to make life easier. Simply dial AT&T for information on how to use our breakthrough service. Our innovators have done it again and you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Switch now and enjoy up to four free […] Read more

AT&T Long Distance 3

In the coming months, a breakthrough from AT&T will make long-distance service better than you ever dreamed. Superior sound quality dramatically better than other long-distance companies, mMode lets you read your email and check your calendar from the sidewalk or the bus. Do it all on your phone, leave for work like usual and get […] Read more


Thanks to One Rate, this isn’t just any phone. It’s my “Bob, how’s the power in Utah?’ phone, my “..red..no make that teal” phone, my “How’re you doing in college?’ phone. My “Can you deliver the piano on …Tuesday” phone. The world of wireless has changed. AT&T Digital One Rate […] Read more

AT&T Phone Center

Win a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Limited, a 20-Foot Sea Ray Bow Rider, a $25,000 Cartier Gift Certificate, or a trip for two to the Hyatt Waikoloa Resort in Hawaii! It’s the AT&T Phone Center Holiday Wish List Sweepstakes and it’s your turn to make a wish. All you need to do to enter is visit […] Read more

AT&T Switch Back

So this other phone company calls me and says I can save 35%, so I switched. Then I call my sister and it takes forever to get through, and she talks and talks and talks. But, I figure it’s ok cause I’m saving money right? To my surprise, and I realize they forgot to mention […] Read more