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Commercial Free Voice Over Scripts

Aruba 3

It is always summer in Aruba. If you are looking for a tropical paradise offering everything from quiet romantic activities to exciting adventures for the whole family, you have found it. Come spend a few days or a few weeks, you’ll be glad you did. If you love the tropics you will love what Aruba […] Read more

Aruba 4

Transport yourself to a world of paradise and perfection. Where waves lap gently against the shore and dolphins jump over waterfalls. Sunsets that make you cry like a little girl. Getting frisky in the surf until there’s sand stuck in unholy places. Leave your worries back home, because we check for them at customs. Aruba—Talk […] Read more

Asian Affair Holidays

Asian Affair Holidays are designed for the independent traveler, for those who desire more than the ordinary vacation. So treat yourself to one of our flexible travel values, such as Hong Kong for 5 nights from $1088, and Singapore, Bali, and Bangkok — 9 nights from $1929. We have included round-trip airfare, choice of hotels, […] Read more


Travel Tease (Upscale) At the gate the everyday vanishes. Here your thoughts are a little clearer. Your appetite for life a little sharper. This mountain, as captivating under summer flowers as it is under snow. Aspen is a one-of-a-kind resort. Unhurried. Carefree. And cozy, like an Alpine Village under a starry night […] Read more

Aspen Soft Drink

Come with me and discover an icy new world of refreshment. New Aspen is here! Chillingly crisp and clear. Aspen — different from any soft drink ever. Only Aspen has a snap — a tantalizing snap of apple. Mmmmm — Aspen’s different from lemon or lime. It’s an icy world of refreshment. Discover ASPEN — […] Read more


For a kid with asthma, the joys of childhood quickly become living nightmares. A playful kitten, a cuddly puppy, a bouquet of flowers, all are potential triggers for terrifying attacks. Don’t let Asthma rob another childhood. Call 1800-Lung-USA. The American Lung Association […] Read more

Astoria Federal Savings

At Astoria Federal Savings, we offer Free and Easy Checking to make your banking uncomplicated and straightforward. With no monthly charges or minimum balance requirements, you can write checks with confidence. We provide premium customer services at all our locations including, Nassau, Brooklyn, Westchester, and Suffolk. You write the check, we take care of the […] Read more

At a busy NYC Restaurant

“Yes waiter, could you tell me if the vegetables are autochthonous?” “Autochthonous vegetables, just a moment sir.” “Hey Harry, is the endive autochthonous?” “That’s right Jim, 100% autochthonous on the endive” “Why yes, they are autochthonous” “I always buy autochthonous products when I can” […] Read more

At Home Comfort of King George

(PICTURE) There comes a time when you just can’t do some things for yourself anymore. You need a helping hand. (PICTURE) He took care of you all your life, and now it’s your turn to give back, but with a family of your own, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. (PICTURE) “At Home […] Read more


Long distance service you thought couldn’t get any better is about to, with a breakthrough from AT&T. And in the coming months, it’s going to make AT&T’s sound quality dramatically superior to any other long distance company […] Read more