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The AT&T Smart Invoice System

The AT&T Smart Invoice System is an added value for AT&T Service Agreement customers. This electronic billing service was developed with our customers in direct response to their needs. This Windows-based system allows your business to receive bills directly into your PC (or one purchased from AT&T) via electronic AT&T Mail transmission. Benefits include quick […] Read more

The AT&T Technical Service Center

The AT&T Technical Service Center offers benefits for AT&T Warranty and Service Agreement customers through around-the-clock system monitoring, diagnosis, and testing that help ensure system reliability; a single source of support with 24-hour, toll-free access for trouble reporting; advanced technical support and EXPERT System technology that can help maximize system availability; quick trouble resolution through […] Read more

The Hewlett Foundation

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is concerned with solving complex social and environmental problems. With a practical and results-oriented approach to philanthropy, the Foundation supports innovative as well as time-tested strategies for addressing those problems. This approach is manifest in the Foundation’s building, completed in May, 2002. Site, architecture and interior design create an […] Read more

The Humane Society

The Humane Society of the United States does not categorically oppose all uses of animals in current research as we work with others toward the day when animals will no longer be necessary as laboratory subjects. But we are dedicated to the alleviation of suffering, for animals and humans alike. We believe that our mission […] Read more

Third Avenue Value Fund: Fourth Quarter Commentary October 31, 2013

Collins & Aikman Senior Notes were sold during the quarter. The realized loss on the Collins & Aikman investments was approximately $150 million, the largest loss ever incurred by the Fund in its 17-year history. TAVF management simply misanalyzed the situation. The company’s free fall into Chapter 11 and the loss of support from its […] Read more


“There is nothing like dream to create the future…” the words of Victor Hugo. The nurturing force for a seed, called dream, is our desire to imagine a better tomorrow. At Toshiba, we’re helping to create it. Toshiba has been turning “dream” into a tangible future for over 100 years … sustaining it now with […] Read more


For more than 53 years, UNICEF has been helping governments, communities and families make the world a better place for children. Part of the United Nations system, UNICEF has an enviable mandate and mission to advocate for children’s rights and help meet their needs. UNICEF now works in 161 countries, areas and territories on solutions […] Read more

United College Marketing Services

At United College Marketing Services, we want to provide you the inside credit information that we feel every college student can benefit from. There are too many people on campus that scream “get good credit!” but there’s no one that really explains all the ins and outs. For this reason, UCMS has developed Credit Strategy […] Read more


As part of UPS’s winning team, you and your family have direct access to the latest UPS news, employee information, and resources specific to you and your job. You must have internet access, an e-mail address, your employee ID number, and a login password to register. It’s that simple. Just visit www.upsers.com […] Read more

Virginia Shores Financial

Virginia Shores Financial is dedicated to improving the communities we serve. And we value our partnerships with local organizations. Our “Making Waves” program offers paid leave for employees who want to do their part. After twenty volunteer hours we also add a donation to the cause […] Read more