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WM. Wrigley Jr. Company

Your company’s combination of quality products, quality people, and sound marketing programs resulted in our tenth consecutive year of record sales and earnings. Volumes both domestically and internationally reached new highs, and for the first time in company history, our international business accounted for more than half our total volume. In the process, your company […] Read more

World Bank Sample Narration

Cities are increasingly becoming recognized as the locus of economic and social development. The world has reached a tipping point where half the world’s population is already living in cities. Nearly 2 billion new urban residents are expected in the next 20 years, 90% of them in developing countries […] Read more

WSU Science Olympiad for Video and Web

With an annual research budget of $100 million, Wright State University is a leader in Ohio for research in neuroscience, human performance and aerospace medicine — and other STEM fields. Our researchers work in partnership with businesses, community organizations and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The power of these partnerships will be seen in our new […] Read more