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Waibel Overview

Providing value can be a tough challenge for any company today. So is the commitment to improve efficiency. Very few companies can claim to do either. Fewer still can do both. But there’s one company that delivers on that promise. One company that provides value and improves efficiency. One company that truly makes a difference. […] Read more

Walgreens – New Team Members

After more than a century in business, we know what makes a great Walgreens team member. It’s the type of person who values change and excitement. The ones who thrive in a fast-paced environment, ready to learn something new every day. Forward-thinkers. Great communicators. Innovators. People with the drive to succeed – not only for […] Read more

Walt Disney Concert Hall

After fifteen years of planning and construction, Walt Disney Concert Hall, the new home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, has opened in downtown L.A. Frank Ghery’s flamboyant design substantially boosted the cost, which came to more than five times Lillian Disney’s founding gift of $50 million. The acoustic brightness of the main auditorium suggests that […] Read more

Waterpic ST75

The Waterpic ST75 offers you complete control over the dental implant procedure. The ability to automate and maintain total stream flow, while in surgery is a feature unheard of in the past. This new revolutionary technology, affords both you and the assistant almost hands-free support […] Read more

Welcome To Divino Holding

Divino Holding since its incorporation in 2013 has been noted for its reputation as a dependable property investment & financial solution provider in Singapore and across Asia Divino Holding is dedicated to delivering value added and quality products. The innovative and receptive approach adopted by the Management allows the Company to produce products that the […] Read more

Welcome, New Employees!

Receiving your benefits enrollment kit can be an overwhelming experience. But have no fear, resources are available to help you understand both the benefits and the enrollment process. Click on one of the following resources for help […] Read more

Well Being

But wait, what is well-being? We all strive for it, and most of us have a vague sense of what it is — but at the end of the day, do we really know what it means? Contrary to popular belief, well-being isn’t just about being physically healthy and happy. It’s more than just eating […] Read more

What is Spark?

Apache® Spark™ is an open-source cluster computing framework with in-memory processing to speed analytic applications up to 100 times faster compared to technologies on the market today. Developed in the AMPLab at UC Berkeley, Spark can help reduce data interaction complexity, increase processing speed and enhance mission-critical applications with deep intelligence. Highly versatile in many […] Read more

William L. Berry Co.

The aesthetic dimension of human experience involves all our perceptions. Elements of shape, line, color, and texture inform our quest for beauty. They also influence our choice of a personal environment, and this is why the place we call home becomes an extension of ourselves. Naturally, we demand the best … in form … in […] Read more

William L. Berry Co. 2

In the art of home-building, Berry homes are true originals … exclusive designs created and copyrighted to prevent duplication and protect value. Berry originals won 23 design awards and gained national recognition for their innovative features. The experience of living in a Berry home is one of progressive discovery. The aesthetic impact is what overwhelms […] Read more