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Let’s look at the voiceover and actors’ performance in UGC. The good news is the ability to act means you can work in several fields within entertainment. This covers on screen, in theatre, UGC, and even in front of the microphone. The same skills delivered in front of the microphone do not change when in front of an auditorium or camera lens. So how does this correlate with UGC? for the more part it is exactly the same. Let’s delve a little deeper.

What Work is Available for The Voiceover Actor?

Outside of voiceover a lot of voice actors are working in UGC as so many of the required skills are transferable. This might be narrating someone else’s project, but more commonly it will be either acting in it or doing some presenting. These are some pretty big avenues so though let’s break them down a bit and also look a the voiceover element too.

Acting in UGC

The key to acting in UGC is to have excellent improvisation skills. Imagine a scenario where a woman is hit by a car driving very slowly approaching the stop light. Her argument is the driver stopped too late. The driver’s argument is she threw herself on the bonnet to make a false claim. Who is right? Well, both actors in these roles need to pull off convincing performances so that the audience is left guessing and more importantly so it looks real.

Presenting Performance in UGC

Taking the above scenario; a performer might appear at the end of a video for a short period of time saying something along the lines of ”So who is right? Is she trying to make a claim or did the driver actually hit her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below and thank you so much for watching.”

This does not seem too hard right? well, set up your lights, backdrop, and camera correctly and it will serve you well as a performer.

Voiceover Performance in UGC

As UGC snippets often appear in the form of short videos and/or reels they don’t tend to last more than three minutes. This is due to social media restrictions. But taking the above scenario a voiceover might be used at the beginning of a video like the one we are describing above, here is an example: ”This woman is claiming the driver hit him, the driver is accusing her of trying to falsify the situation to sue.”

When and where the voiceover is used is really up to the content owners but it really is that simple!

Voiceover and Actors’ Performance in UGC Summary

A huge amount of UGC is filmed on a smartphone. The reason for this is that the authentication element of the content needs to seem real. A high production and recording budget will certainly show that it has been choreographed. The viewer will find it more believable if it looks like a passerby has caught it on a shakey-handed phone camera. You can learn more about UGC here or you can learn what equipment you need in our two-part article.

Voiceover and Actors’ Performance in UGC by Alan Shires