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Commercial Character Free Voice Over Scripts

Clerks Movie (1994)

It costs, what? Thirty, forty dollars a week for cigarettes. Seriously! Would you hand over that much to a sniper? Paying for the privilege is like making the rope for the hangman. This way of thinking helps big tobacco companies get rich. Yes, we’ll all die someday, but do you want to pay for it? ‘Please […] Read more

Clint Eastwood – 2014 Super Bowl Ad

Clint Eastwood – 2014 Super Bowl Ad Its halftime in America and people are out of work and they’re hurting. We’re all wondering what it takes to make a comeback. This isn’t a game. The people of Detroit know about this and have all pulled together, now Motor City is fighting again. I’ve seen a […] Read more

Cloning Scene from Jurrasic Park

Where did you come from Mr. DNA? From one drop of your blood, we can find billions of strands of DNA. These are the building blocks of life. It is the blueprint for all living things and even extinct animals like dinosaurs. A hundred million years ago, mosquitoes fed on the blood of animals, even […] Read more

Cranky Old Man Poem

Remember this poem when you next meet an older person who you might brush aside without looking at the young soul within. We will all, one day, be there, too! The best and most beautiful things of this world can’t be seen or touched. They must be felt by the heart! An old man died […] Read more

Dark Elf

Dark elves are aggressive, deceitful, and stealthy. They have little mercy and are very brutal and cruel by nature and have no respect for others, even their own kind. When it comes to cheating, and battling, they even war against each other. However, to combat invasions and attacks by other races clans are known to […] Read more

Darth Vader

Darth Vader: Don’t play any games with me, your highness, you weren’t on any mercy mission this time. Several transmissions were beamed to this ship by rebel spies. I want to know what happened to the plans they sent you. Princess Leia Organa: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I am a member of […] Read more


Sorry for being a bit late, you know the traffic on the motorway and all. I just need a smidgen of your time to share my new favorite online destination. Date2Relate.com It’s brand new and the most interactive dating information site across the online world. At Datet2Relate.com, you can find useful blog postings, check the latest relationship […] Read more

Dear Holly

  The position of B&B Corporate Benefit Sales Representation is an amazing opportunity and I’m grateful for your contact. I’ve worked with many different people over the years and I would be honored to add Regional Manager, Benefits Brokers, and Associates to that list. I have a few questions before we begin working together. At […] Read more

Dirty Harry Quote

“Now you know why they call me “Dirty Harry”. I get every dirty job that comes along.” “You’re out of bullets, and you know what that means. You’re s–t outta luck.” “Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.” […] Read more

Disney’s Epcot Spaceship Earth

Please look down as you step onto the moving platform and take small children by the hand. The platform moves at the same speed as your time machine vehicle and your doors will close automatically. Remain seated throughout your journey and keep your hands and arms inside your time vehicle. AT&T welcomes you aboard Spaceship […] Read more