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Commercial Character Free Voice Over Scripts

Elf Deep In Daiquiris

[SFX: waves, seagulls, ukulele music] ELF: Ah…tropical Christmas. Us elves aren’t used to this. Normally we’re stuck in Santa’s workshop. But this year, he’s giving Northern Quest gift cards to all the grown-up boys and girls, good for luxury rooms, La Rive Spa, 1898 Public House – even Kalispel Golf and Country Club! It really […] Read more

Emotive script 1 – Ameriprise Homeowners Insurance

AVO: Ameriprise Homeowners Insurance celebrates those milestones in life. Like teaching your teenager to drive. Parent: Nice and slow, nice and (the car suddenly accelerates) SLOW!!!! Watch out for the mailbox!!! (crunching wood and metal SFX as mailbox is run over) Oh! Hey! The bushes, the BUSHES!!! (They go through a thick hedge, SFX of […] Read more

Emotive script 2 – Joy’s Lite-n-Creamy Salad Dressings

I’m pouring ranch dressing all over my salad, without an ounce of guilt! Haha! Wanna know my secret? Joy’s Lite-n-Creamy Salad Dressings! Made with low-fat yogurt, Joy’s Lite-n-Creamy Dressings have half the fat and calories of regular creamy salad dressings. (Crunching SFX) Mmm-mmm! But all of the flavor! Put JOY back into your salad […] Read more

Emotive script 3 – Interview with a Seagull

(Scene: man interviewing seagull at the beach while this gull and other seagull’s notice a man on the beach opening a box of chicken wings..) SCRIPT: So, what’s it like bein’ a seagull, you ask? Well, it’s TOUGH, TOUGH I tell ya! Ya gotta be ready to move at a moment’s notice… hold on a […] Read more

Evangelion soliquoy

Flowers. So many the same, so many without purpose. Sky. Sky red. Red the color, the color I hate. The liquid flows. It drips, ripples and pours. Blood. Scent of blood of a woman who does not bleed. From the red soil the humans come. The humans made by man and woman. City. A human […] Read more

Evangelion soliquoy

Mountains. Heavy are the mountains, but that changes with the passage of time. Sky. Blue sky. What your eyes can’t see. What your eyes can see. The sun. One, only one. Water. It is agreeable. Commander Ikari. Flowers. So many the same, so many without purpose. Sky. Sky red. Red the color, the color I […] Read more

Evil Speech

You Fool! The power contained within these orbs is enough to turn one into a living god..All I have to do now, is kill you and take back what is rightfully mine […] Read more

Fates of Time

1: (excited, cocky) Ha! I’ll take that challenge! 2: (sarcastic, teasing and mockingly) hehehe! Very funny. 3: (Angery)You just don’t get it. (understanding) But, I shouldn’t expect you to. You weren’t even there.(Remorseful) But…Its my fault she’s missing and…its my fault if she dies… 4: (Threat/ plead) No! Give her back! 5: Fighting noises (This […] Read more

Father Guido Sarducci’s Five Minute University

Five Minute University by Father Guido Sarducci (Don Novello) I find that education, it don’t matter where you go to school, Italy, America, Brazil, all are the same — it’s all this memorization and it don’t matter how long you can remember anything just so you can parrot it back for the tests. I got […] Read more

FedEx Da Mob

Okay, so you used the udda guys, and now your package is…well, maybe it’s not lost, but it 10a.m. and Fat Tony’s on the phone… now da boss want to drive you around the block, Cappiche?! So next time…Ha!…”next time”.. (laughter from goons in room) HEY!… If, there should be a next time, use FedEx […] Read more