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Commercial Character Free Voice Over Scripts

Disney’s Oceans Opening (Soft Spoken)

“What exactly is the ocean? What is the sea?” asks the boy. Should you give him some interesting stats? Latin names and geographical data? No. To understand the ocean he needs to see it for himself. Taste it, hear it, and feel its power. We take experienced camera crews and equipment out into some of […] Read more

Do You Feel Lucky?

Callahan: I know what you’re thinking: “Did he fire six shots or only five?” Well, in all this excitement, to tell you the truth, I’ve kinda lost track myself. But since this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and can blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself […] Read more

Double Indemnity

The 1944 American crime film noir, Double Indemnity starred Fred MacMurray as an insurance salesman and Barba Stanwyck as the housewife accused of killing her husband. Double indemnity references a life insurance clause that pays double if the death is an accident. The film was highly praised and nominated for seven Academy Awards but didn’t […] Read more

Dr Lector Meets Clarice Starling

Morning. You’re one of Jack Crawford’s aren’t you? May I ask for your credentials? Closer, please. That is only valid for one week, you’re a trainee, aren’t you? Crawford sent me a trainee. Hmm. Sit, please Agent Starling. Jack Crawford must be very busy indeed if he is recruiting help from the student body. Busy […] Read more

Drunk Driving PSA

As an emergency room surgeon, I’ve seen things most people never will. In order to do my job, I need to harden myself. My heart breaks when I see another family torn apart because of a drunk driver. If you could witness what I have, you would never drink again […] Read more

Dylan Thomas

Dylan Marlais Thomas was a popular Welsh poet and writer. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Goodnight, and Death Shall Have No Dominion are two of his more famous pieces. Though earning a living as a writer was challenging, he became appreciated in his day and remained so after his death. He had a reputation […] Read more

Eckerd Drug Stores

It’s Halloween, time to stock up on great deals on all your favorite candy and decorations. Visit Eckerd Drug Stores today for frightful savings on everything you need, from big ghosts to little witches. Stock up now before the savings vanish. Ooooh…that’s scary […] Read more

El Americano- Surf Rat Carl

Pretty cool stuff, huh? Sorry for the surprise move brah, but when you see a wave ya gotta take it, right? Ha! Almost there, amigos, follow me! Crazy chickens– must be an inside joke. Lucille is the hostess with the mostess so let’s party with her tonight! Good afternoon, officer. How about a statement? Duh, […] Read more

Elf Deep In Daiquiris

[SFX: waves, seagulls, ukulele music] ELF: Ah…tropical Christmas. We elves aren’t used to this. Normally we’re stuck in Santa’s workshop. But this year, he’s giving Northern Quest gift cards to all the grown-up boys and girls, good for luxury rooms, La Rive Spa, 1898 Public House – even Kalispel Golf and Country Club! It really […] Read more

Evangelion Soliquoy

Flowers. So many the same, so many without purpose. Sky. Sky red. Red is the color, the color I hate. The liquid flows. It drips, ripples, and pours. Blood. The scent of blood of a woman who does not bleed. From the red soil, the humans come. Humans are made by man and woman. City. […] Read more