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Commercial Character Free Voice Over Scripts

Atlanta Bread Company

When you think of Atlanta Bread Company, we want you to think of an entire breakfast menu, not just“bread.” Think of breakfast sandwiches, fresh-baked pastries, and specialty coffees. Think of our Café with savory daily soups, sandwiches, and crisp salads. And remember this – we would love to cater your next meeting or special event! […] Read more

Back Home in Derry

Bobby Sands was a member of the IRA who died on hunger strike while imprisoned. He wrote about courage and the struggle for recognition and freedom by political prisoners. The Bobby Sands Trust promotes the writings he made from prison isolation. He continues to inspire Irish republicans in their pursuit of freedom from British rule. Back […] Read more

Big City Hypnotist

We don’t cotton to your kind coming around here, Mr. Big City Hypnotist! Always waving your watch in front of other people’s faces, snapping your fingers, and expecting folks to be doing things you tell them to do. It just ain’t right! You’re gonna regret the day you ever came into this here town, old […] Read more

Big City Hypnotist 2

Well, look what we got here. Mr. Big City Hypnotist done come into our town all dressed in his fancy tuxedo. I’m willing to bet you is one o’them there funny boys from the west coast, now ain’t ya? Thinkin’ you can come in here and wave your hands in people’s faces, make ’em quack […] Read more

Big City Hypnotist 3

I just can’t understand why you and your kind think y’all is so high and mighty, Mr. Big City Hypnotist! Y’know jus cuz we lives out here in the brush, don’t mean we is dumb as a fence post! All that there magic taint notin’ but fancy engineering what’s sposed to make ordinary folks think […] Read more

Blow (2001)

I was standing there, and it was like the outside of me and the inside of me didn’t match, you know? All at once, I looked around the room and it hit me. I saw it my whole life. Where I was gonna live, what type of car I’d drive, who my neighbors would be. […] Read more

Bridges Of Madison County

American writer Robert James Waller wrote this beloved romance novella in 1992. An Italian-American WWII war bride lives on an Iowa farm in the 1960s. While her husband and children are away she meets a visiting photographer searching for the famous covered bridges in the county. The fictional book sold 60 million copies worldwide and […] Read more

Bull Durham, I Believe

I don’t believe in Quantum Physics when it comes to matters of the heart. I believe in the soul, the small of a woman’s back, the hangin’ curveball, high fiber, good Scotch, that the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, over-rated crap. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe there oughta be a […] Read more

Chaucer’s Mead Trio

We know you mean well Douglas, but we have to tell you, your last Viking party was a little on the boorish side. It’s not only the bath mats made in loincloths, or the glaring seems on the cheap plastic helmets. It’s your choice of booze. It doesn’t matter how fancy the chalice is if […] Read more

Clement Clarke Moore

American writer Clement Clarke Moore was a professor of Greek and Oriental literature. In addition, he taught Divinity and Biblical Learning at the Seminary of the Protestant Church in New York City. He donated the land the seminary was on, and it is still there today in the area known as Chelsea Square. Moore inherited […] Read more