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Commercial Dialogue Free Voice Over Scripts

David Goldberg Critiques Hal

There is no script for this read. It is a collection of various contest critiques of David Goldberg and applied to how he might assess Hal (the computer from 2001 A Space Odyssey). All in good fun […] Read more

Dragon Age – Inquisition

This is a voice over competition that’s open to everyone. (legal residents of, Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec), New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States (including the District of Columbia). Bioware and Dragon Age franchise has put a call out to voice over talents to voice a character in Dragon Age Inquisition. Depending on which […] Read more

Drees Homes

Woman: Energy-efficient? Man: Exceptionally. Energy Star efficiency radically reduces utility usage. Woman: (THINKING) Hmm… gratifyingly green Man: and definitely durable, with our rare reputation of eighty years of excellence. Woman: Yowsa! You’re incredibly informative. Man: And you are positively pleasant. Woman: I’ll line up a look-see soon. Bye-bye. Man: Ta-ta Announcer: Your Vision. Our versatility. […] Read more

Drees Homes 2

SFX: Phone rings Man: Drees Homes, how may I help you? Woman: (through the telephone) Hi, I’m looking for a new home and I head Drees makes fabulous feasible. Man: Completely correct. Woman: You can make sensational sensible? Man: Absolutely accurate. Woman: Hmm. Sounds like dazzling would be doable. Man: you got it girl. Woman: […] Read more

Energy Star

MUSIC: Police theme type music ENERGY STAR: This is the city. There are a million appliances here. Most are hardworking. Occasionally, however, one goes bad – wasting energy and running up utility costs. That’s where I come in. I wear a star. The Energy Star. I was working the day shift when the call came […] Read more

Ethan Allen

Man: Honey? Woman: Yea? Man: If you could have just one thing on a desert island, what would it be? Woman: You! Man: You’ve already got me, what else? Woman: A sale. Man: What good is a sail without a boat? Woman: Not that kind of a sale. The Ethan Allen Essential Sale. Man: Come […] Read more

Geico Don Lafontaine Spot

Anncr: Paula Sayla is a real Geico customer. Not an actor…So to help tell her story, we hired that announcer guy from the movies… Paula: When the storm hit, both our cars were totally Underwater Don : In a world where both of our cars were totally underwater Paula: We thought it would take forever […] Read more

Hechinger Mall

Janet: Macy’s, Gap, Casual Corner, Sears — I can hardly believe all the … Husband: Slow down … wait a minute. Something’s got you all excited. Janet: Every store at Hechinger Mall is running a July 4th sale all week long! Husband: Every store … all week long? Janet: Yes! Monday we can go to […] Read more

Hectic Mom

Mom: As a mom, life can get pretty hectic. Son: Mom Buddy’s drinking out of the toilet again! Mom: What! Where’s all the water? Son: Your standing in it! Mom: What! Oh My Gosh! That’s why I use Milton’s Meatloaf it’s fast, easy, and no mess. I wish life could be that easy. Son: Oh, […] Read more

Hell on Wheels

SFX: Computer keys being punched Cheryl: Honey, what do you think of this little red two seater? Keith: Uh, it’s a nice car. Cheryl: (gets more and more excited) Yeah, you gotta be a wild woman to drive one of those mean machines. Wooie! All that power. I could tear up the highway. Just watch […] Read more