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Commercial Dialogue Free Voice Over Scripts

Star Wars Episode V

Darth Vader: What is thy bidding my master? Emperor: There is a great disturbance in the force. Darth Vader: I have felt it. Emperor: We have a new enemy. The young rebel who destroyed the death star. I have no doubt this boy is the offspring of anakin skywalker. Darth Vader: how is that possible? […] Read more

Star Wars: Luke meets Yoda

LUKE: Look, I’m sure it’s delicious. I just don’t understand why we can’t see Yoda now. CREATURE: Patience! For the Jedi it is time to eat as well. Eat, eat. Hot. Good food, hm? Good, hmm? LUKE: How far away is Yoda? Will it take us long to get there? CREATURE: Not far. Yoda not […] Read more

Star Wars: Palpatine Becomes Darth Sidious

Star Wars: Palpatine becomes Darth Sidious The scene takes place after Darth Sidious (Palpatine) along with Anakin kills Mace Windu ( Samuel L. Jackson) Anakin: What have I done ???? Darth Sidious: Your fufilling your destiny… Anakin. Become My Apprentice. Learn to use the dark side of the force. Anakin: I will do what you…you […] Read more

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Han Solo: Ben! Kylo Ren: Han Solo. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Han Solo: Take off that mask. You don’t need it. Kylo Ren: What do you think you’ll see if I do? Han Solo: The face of my son. Kylo Ren: Your son is gone. He was weak and […] Read more

Stop & Shop

Man: Ready? We’re off! Woman: Oh no…I forgot to pack snacks for the kids. Man: Okay…now we’re really off! Woman: Oh! Honey. I forgot to get flowers for Grandma. Can’t get there empty-handed. Anncr: With almost 200 Stop & Shop locations, throughout southern New England, chances are there’s always a Stop & Shop near you. […] Read more

Sudafed Cold & Sinus

Mom: Moms aren’t supposed to get colds. Right! So, I take a cold medicine that’s supposed to make me feel better. Right! It wiped me out. I feel worse. Anncr: Now … cold relief with the power to make you feel better, not worse. New Sudafed Cold & Sinus. Cold relief so strong, you’d think […] Read more

Taco Bell

Interviewer: So you’re applying for the job of teacher? Burrito: That is correct. Interviewer: Now we are an equal opportunity employer, but I have to be honest, you are a burrito. Burrito: Actually, I’m a Chicken Enchilada Grilled Stuft Burrito from Taco Bell. Interviewer: Uh huh, fine. Well, now that I’ve straightened that out, do […] Read more

Taco Bell 2

Friend 1: Hey, I got you one of those new Cantinas Tacos from Taco Bell. Friend 2: Thanks man. Oh, hey what’s with the lime? Lime: I see my name precedes me. Do not be alarmed by my presence in your Taco Bell Cantina Taco. It is true ..I am the lime. And within this […] Read more

Tci College Of Technology

Student (Burtrue): “ At TCI, I’m getting my degree in electronics engineering – in only 18 months!” Announcer (Kristin): TCI College of Technology has been training students for exciting new careers since… […] Read more

TELEVISION SCRIPT – Tootsie Roll Pop – 1970s

One of my favorite commercials growing up. Enjoy! —————— BOY: Mr. Turtle, how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? MR TURTLE: I never made it without biting… ask Mr. Owl. BOY: Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll […] Read more