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Commercial Food & Beverage Free Voice Over Scripts

Beef 2

Lean beef’s actually lower in fat than you think. Makes you wonder about eating all that skinless chicken, doesn’t it? Beef it’s what for dinner […] Read more

Beer Story

Next time you order a pint, you’ll find you taste something that isn’t in the recipe. It doesn’t come from the hops. Or the two-row malted barley. We like to call it character. It’s hard to define but easy to recognize. You find it in great men. And great beers […] Read more

Ben & Jerry’s Freezer Fairies

Fairy 1: Hey, it’s us. The Ben & Jerry’s Freezer Fairies. That’s what we said. Ben & Jerry’s Freezer Fairies. You know some people don’t believe in Freezer Fairies. Doesn’t bother us. We know we’re here. Fairy 2: So listen up. Here’s how it works. Do something good out there in the world and bang. […] Read more

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s Organic ice cream is loaded with all the stuff you love & then some. The key is in the Certified Organic ingredients. They’re cultivated in environmentally sustainable ways, in cooperation with nature. All this, and a euphoric taste that’s certifiably Ben & Jerry’s […] Read more

Beringer Wine

Some might choose a lecture or a documentary film to tell the story of 125 years of winemaking. We prefer a glass. At Beringer, we are proud to be the only winery ever to win Wine Spectator’s “Number-1 Wine of the Year” for both a cabernet and a chardonnay. But our greatest achievement lives in […] Read more

Betty crocker

Rain, rain don’t go away, we want to make homemade cookies today. Betty Crocker peanut butter cookies in 20 minutes. Warm, chewy and delicious beyond belief, especially when you sandwich them with some Betty Crocker frosting. Suddenly the day feels a whole lot sunnier […] Read more

Betty Crocker Chocolate Chunk Brownies

Time flies when you’re a kid. Take a minute to savor the days of swing sets and sandboxes with fudgy, homemade Betty Crocker chocolate chunk brownies. You can have them in the oven in less than 5 minutes. Her childhood won’t last but her memories of the way you made it special will. Betty Crocker… […] Read more

Big Red – Sexy Gen X

We know what you’re thinking. Here’s what you should be chewing. Long lasting fresh breath – it looks good on you -Big Red […] Read more

Bigelow Fruit Blend Teas

I really must be going. I’ve been sitting here now for almost 45 minutes waiting for the check. Well, no matter, as long as I’m still here, let me tell you about the most spiffing new fruit blend tea from Bigelow … now isn’t this just like me … getting sidetracked when I’m already 20 […] Read more

Bird’s Eye Beverage

The moth alights on the neck of a sleeping bird and drinks its tears. The bird slumbers on, oblivious. That’s the extraordinary sight that was revealed by the headlamp of German primatologist Roland Hilgartner in Madagascar’s Kirindy Reserve. Light reflecting off its eyes, the insect drank for half an hour from the eye of a […] Read more