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Commercial Food & Beverage Free Voice Over Scripts

Blue Note Cafe

Smooth jazz, great food. The Blue Note Cafe. San Francisco […] Read more

Blue Ox Beef Jerky

Our jerky punches gas station jerky in the face! Seriously, this is the best beef jerky you can find. Man up, and take it for a spin! The Blue Ox Beef Jerky Company. Real men eat jerky […] Read more

Boca Burgers

YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT’S MEATLESS. Boca Burgers taste, look and cook like real meat, but they’re meatless. So they’re low in fat and cholesterol, yet high in beneficial soy protein. Look for Boca Burgers in the frozen food section.. www.bocaburger.com […] Read more

Boi Bandido Barbecue

Welcome to Boi Bandido Barbecue. Boi Bandido offers you Latin, Brazilian, and Portuguese cuisine at affordable prices. We have free delivery, you can eat in or take out. Call us at 908-587-0500 or catch us on the web at www BoiBandidobbq.com, that’s BoiBandidobbq.com. We got that “Recession Buster” for 4.99 with Pork Ribs or Chicken […] Read more

Bombay Gin

It’s pretty simple really. Either you want to drink the best gin … or you don’t. Bombay Sapphire. Gin … only better […] Read more

Bombay Restaurant

Come and get a taste of India … at Bombay Restaurant! Only at Bombay Restaurant can you get a dish that’ll make you feel like you’re in India. And now, we offer lunch specials for those of you on the go … so, get going, and come on over to Bombay Restaurant. At the corner […] Read more

Bombay Saphire

It’s pretty simple really. Either you want to drink the best gin… or you don’t. Bombay Sapphire. Gin… only better […] Read more

Borden’s Ice Cream

Hey! Remember Mom’s apple pie? Remember when she used to put a big scoop of vanilla ice cream right on top? You can bring back those days and that wonderful taste with Borden’s Golden Vanilla Ice Cream. Borden’s borrowed a recipe from the past, when vanilla was made with extra eggs. This way we get […] Read more

Breakstone’s Cottage Doubles

Half the sugar of yogurt (ain’t that sweet). A smart snack of creamy cottage cheese with real fruit topping that’s an excellent source of protein. Breakstone’s Cottage Doubles […] Read more

Breyer’s Vienetta

Breyer’s has created a spectacular ice cream dessert called Vienetta. But, despite its delicious premium ice cream, and its irresistible crisp, chocolatey layers — Vienetta will leave you with one small problem … VIENETTA FROM BREYER’S … one slice is never enough […] Read more