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A few days ago, I was in this small Italian place, enjoying the silken luxury of my new VAN HEUSEN shirt, when suddenly a raven haired beauty approached me and began stroking my shirt. “Marcello!….” she said. I said, “No…my name is Chris Hampton……” She said, “I’ve seen every movie you ever made…..” And I […] Read More


A few weeks ago, I’m in this little Italian place, wearing my very sensual double knit shirt from Van Heusen. From out of nowhere comes this raven-haired beauty who calls me, “Marcello and starts caressing my shirt. I told her… I’m Paul Roe, She says, “I’ve seen every movie you ever made.” I told her…I’m […] Read More


Healthy values. That’s what’s in store at your local independently owned Value-Right Pharmacy. Just check our aisles for the red spotlight signs. When you see one, you’ve found healthy value, and a great Value Right price. Like this week’s special on Tums. Chose from an assortment of formulas and sizes. Just $1.99 to $2.49 use […] Read More


Until there’s an ultra-soft world, be thankful for Ultrasoft Shoes! Slip into a pair of Ultrasoft pumps today, and step softly into tomorrow. With eight layers of built-in comfort, Ultrasoft Shoes cushion your feet against the harsh realities of everyday life. ULTRASOFT SHOES … Soft shoes for a hard world […] Read More


Trojan latex condoms. What everyone will be wearing this year. Trojan gives you so many choices of sensual styles and shapes to experience your ultimate excitement and your pleasure. Help reduce the risk with Trojan latex condoms. Trojan. America’s #1 condom. The most trusted. For a most enjoyable feel. For a free sample, visit www.trojancondoms.com […] Read More


Want to see some happy campers? Come to your local Toys R Us store every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday — 2-4 pm, this summer. Crafts, activities — it’s all the fun of camp . . . without the bug bites […] Read More


It’s always been my style to say exactly what’s on my mind. But I know there are some things you can’t always express with words. People can relate to each other on a lot of different levels. A look, A glance, a touch. And you just know you’ve connected. Tommy Hilfiger […] Read More


The Today’s Man semi annual storewide sale is happening right now. At Today’s Man you save serious money. Up to 60% off our already low prices that make you look good, and feel great. Suit up and save up $100 on quality suits All 100% wool. Two and three button styles as low as $99. […] Read More


Staying on top of all the fast-breaking events of the day … unrest around the world … people and places that make news here and thousands of miles from home. TIME takes you there … TIME gives you not only the news of the day, but takes you beyond the headlines … and that means […] Read More


In an era of tabloid journalism, we believe the truth to be sensational enough. Understanding comes with TIME. TIME magazine…read it today […] Read More