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Imagine a refrigerator from Whirlpool that creates new space. Moving the ice to the door gives you room for eight more pizzas. More space giving you the power to get more done. The Whirlpool Refrigerator. Just Imagine […] Read More


(dreamy, fantastical) Imagine a dishwasher from whirlpool that creates new space, with more room for more dishes. Now pots & pans are no problem. The tall tub dishwasher from Whirlpool. Clean more than you ever thought possible. Whirlpool. Just imagine […] Read More


I gave up chocolate. I gave up espresso. I gave up the Count … that naughty man! And his little house in Cap Ferrat. The Waterman, however, is not negotiable. I must have something thrilling with which to record my boredom. Pens write. A WATERMAN PEN expresses. Waterman of Paris. I’ll never give up my […] Read More


As the largest mall in New England, Warwick Mall has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for gourmet take-out, contemporary fashion, a gift from a specialty shop, or an afternoon concert, we offer you a world of choice. We have a spectacular new food court with a carousel for the kids, four leading department stores, […] Read More


Between my breakfast and the Wall Street Journal, I get all my daily requirements. To start my day, I need a good balanced breakfast. But, to start my business day, I need my copy of the Wall Street Journal. The Journal gives me all the business information and background I need. So, every morning I […] Read More


Get 6 issues FREE…including Vogue’s Millennium issue! Subscribe now and get a fabulous year of VOGUE for just $1.50 an issue. That’s 6 issues FREE — including the explosive Millennium issue. The future of fashion…as only VOGUE can tell it! Hurry. Respond today to save 50% on VOGUE — and get your 6 free issues […] Read More


I used to wear glasses-until I changed my looks at Vision Center. It’s a great place for contact lenses- regular, soft lenses, clear, tinted …So …Say goodbye to glasses and come to Vision Corner for a new look. Contacts sure make a difference on how you see the world… And how the world sees you […] Read More


Video World Superstores in Hartford and Manchester has something for you … and it’s free … Tuesday … that’s right. Tuesday is free, when you rent on Sunday. You get two nights for the price of one, when you rent your videos on Sunday. VIDEO WORLD SUPERSTORES. Offer good through Memorial Day […] Read More


With ViaTV Videophones, life’s special moments can be shared even when you can’t be there. The ViaTV Videophone lets you talk, laugh, and smile in full-color video over standard telephone lines. You’ll be bale to call your friends and family just as you always have — but now you’ll be able to see them in […] Read More


Are you comfortable being a woman? Are you comfortable with your curves? Your hair? Are you comfortable being depended on? Taking a compliment? Laughing out loud? Are you comfortable standing in the spotlight? Are you comfortable in your own skin? Introducing Soft Effects! Made of soft brushed microfiber, it’s a bra that will make you […] Read More