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Commercial Free Voice Over Scripts

Abc Promo

April’s jammin’ and ABC’s got the stuff…with “special” episodes of all your favorite series. Like Coach, Roseanne, and Home Improvement. Plus a great line up of all your favorite blockbuster movies. All right here on ABC […] Read more


About.com is now Dash.com, an online source of advice and information. There are different topic sites that are grouped into channels about subjects such as weather, home repair, pediatrics, and more. A network of writers known as Guides supply all the content about the subjects they have experience with, and each one is in charge […] Read more


Join us online at About.com where hundreds of experienced guides provide the resources you need to explore your passions. Arrange a country escape with Elizabeth Arneson, your guide to bed & breakfasts, or customize a 30-minute fat burning program with exercise guide, Paige Cohen. Whatever your passion, About.com has what you need to know […] Read more

Above the Influence (PSA)

I thought I respected myself. That is, until I saw myself get high. It’s just an ugly side of myself that I didn’t recognize. Saying and doing things that just weren’t me. I do respect myself, that’s why I don’t do drugs […] Read more


At Accu-Data we provide great service and cost-effective pricing, whether you have a staff of two or two thousand. Since 1995, we have delivered cutting-edge technology and personalized payroll. We answer our phones and our email in a timely manner to meet your specific payroll needs. Call today!     […] Read more


Ace Brand lawn and garden supplies are made with a satisfaction guarantee. Because all the talk in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t back it up. Ace Brand […] Read more

Ace Brand Lawn & Garden

The team at Ace Lawn & Garden supplies everything you need to grow your dream garden and keep it green. Seeds, fertilizers, landscape tools, and irrigation supplies are made with a satisfaction guarantee. If you love gardens, you’ll love how we can brighten your spring, summer, fall, and winter!   […] Read more

Acme Investment Advisors

Acme Investment Advisors offer value and solutions for business challenges with financial advisory services, wealth management, alternate asset management, and more. Our services are customized for corporate, retail, and high-net-worth families and individuals.   […] Read more

Acqua Di Parma

The classic and natural Italian fragrance that combines verbena, lavender and sparkling citrus… […] Read more


Variable flow turbo. Instant response for the instant-messaging crowd. The Acura RDX […] Read more