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Commercial Free Voice Over Scripts

A Voice Actor’s Voice

This… is my voice. There is no music, and there are no sound effects… only the pure, clear sound, recorded for your ears. I am a voice over artist, a voice actor, a voice talent, and I can convey my message in many ways, in many tones and with many emotions. I can speak in […] Read more

A-1 Steak Sauce

Jerry: No A-1 for my hamburger???? Miss … some A-1 please? Imagine, a great place like this without A-1 on the table! Man: Yeah! Jerry: Nothing like it on hamburgers … Man: You bet. Jerry: After all, what’s hamburger? It’s chopped steak! And what’s better on steak than A-1? That’s why I have it at […] Read more

A.G. Edwards

At A.G. Edwards we are committed to being a reliable source of investment ideas and resources to help you reduce your tax burden. We are here for you year after year, and the time to start planning is now. In today’s high tax brackets, your A.G. Edwards investment brokers can anticipate your needs and support […] Read more

A/C Rebates

A representative will be with you shortly. Meanwhile, summer is already here at L.G. Energy! If it’s time to enjoy a new air conditioner, you’ll also enjoy knowing about our money-saving rebates. Ask your representative about them […] Read more

A&e Promo

Every airline has a story. Airline Premiers Monday. Only on A&E […] Read more

A1 Auto Body

Everybody out there is always saying how they can’t find a job ….blah blah blah…Well here’s your chance…a1-auto body works wants to talk to you, if you have experience in body work or auto repair. A1 is looking to hire a class A body technician and a reliable class B mechanic. The pay is great, […] Read more

A1 Steak Sauce

With steak, you want to make every bite count. That’s why we use A-1 Steak Sauce. A-1 brings out every single bite of steak, or even hamburger. Mmmmm, delicious. For me, there’s only one steak sauce, A-1. Because A-1 has all the taste that makes every bite count […] Read more


At AARP, we offer advice and guidance on caregiving, careers, financial tools, travel, volunteer opportunities, and many other things to improve the quality of life of seniors. If you are nearing retirement age, and have questions about local activities, or social security, we can help.   […] Read more


It’s right in your own backyard. While it may be hard to believe, roughly five million Americans don’t even know where their next meal will come from. In communities just like yours, there are many who need help. Join people across the country who are coming together with AARP Create the Good, to end hunger. […] Read more

ABC 20/20

“Three happy wives. They vowed to be faithful. But one is more likely to cheat. Is it the first-time mom, the model, or the housewife? Cast your vote online at ABCnews.com. What you learn may save your marriage […] Read more