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The problem with a lot of shoes is that they don’t do the same things your feet do, like expand and contract when you take a step. Most shoes are rigid, which is why your feet hurt and get tired from walking around. Our Smart Comfort technology is a simple idea that comes right out […] Read More


If three’s a crowd, Tide invites you to just pick one. With all the products out there these days, sometimes its hard to know what’s what. But at the same time, we love our options. And that’s exactly what Tide gives you when it offers Regular, Unscented, or Tide with Bleach Alternative. You may like […] Read More


Sparkling with fresh winter flowers and a unique keepsake gift, Teleflora holiday bouquets capture the timeless joy of the season. They’re easy to give or send. Just call or visit your professional Teleflora florist today […] Read More


Energizing, explosive, powerful, uplifting…That’s how superstar athletes, Hollywood celebrities and thousands of people just like you describe TAE BO, “the hottest workout in America”. Personally developed by 7-time World Martial Arts Champion Billy Blanks, TAE BO blends your own hidden strength with the ancient arts of self-defense, dance, and boxing combined with today’s greatest music. […] Read More


Sometimes clothes express how you feel. Sometimes, they determine it. Fashion. Some people get it. Some get it for less. T.J. Maxx […] Read More


This moment brought to you by Sylvan Learning Center….. We begin by identifying your child’s specific needs, followed by individual attention, personalized lesson plans and progress reports for you. If your child is struggling or just not being challenged, call 1 800 EDUCATE….Sylvan…learning feels good […] Read More


A beautiful bouquet of flowers arrives for you at work … all heads turn as you carry them back to your desk … already, people on other floors are wondering what you possibly could’ve done to deserve those … but no one will ever know … you sent them to yourself. Hey … give ‘em […] Read More


Visit www.startsampling.com where you can select a free sample and have some fun! Test drive the latest products, learn about future trends, make your opinions count. Your free membership allows you to earn great gifts and big prizes. Become a part of the startsampling community and take time for yourself, there’s no cost or obligation. […] Read More


If you’re looking for a way to increase your customer traffic, look no further than The Star-Ledger Money Book. This geographically zoned section targets Star-Ledger households within your local market. Reach your best prospects in an established, proven vehicle that is delivered 9 times a year in New Jersey’s largest newspaper. For more information or […] Read More


With Sprint’s Internet Performance Guarantees, getting on the Net isn’t a game of chance. Because we know the power of the Internet is out of reach if you can’t get connected. That’s why we guarantee your service. So you can enhance your productivity, broaden your market, track inventory, and connect with suppliers — even customers, […] Read More