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At our senior village, you’ll have plenty of time to be active – because you can leave the cooking to us. Your monthly fee covers one meal a day – and you can use it for any meal in any dining room. Most people are happy to say goodbye to planning, shopping and cooking night […] Read More


The Seagram Museum, located on the site of the original Joseph E. Seagram distillery, incorporates industrial and architectural heritage dating back to the late 1800s. The combination of an original barrel warehouse and a new main exhibition building, results in a 40,000 square foot museum structure that won a 1986 Governor General’s medal for architecture […] Read More


Legend tells … of a time long ago … when the first group of Polynesian sea ferries set ashore on this distant world. This paradise, home of the unification of two great powers — the sky and the sea — this land of gentle winds and soothing rains, where giant mountains lifted their heads in […] Read More


Addicted to running? In this video, Saucony’s Custom Ride Management, or CMR, will help you “Define Your Ride.” CMR in the Gird Trigon provides the neutral runner cushioning with 3 versions: Light cushioning, ideal for the slight build runner or the runner who prefers a softer ride. Responsive cushioning, ideal for the medium build runner […] Read More


There is no perfect running shoe, partly because no two feet are alike, even on the same person. Still, top brands can be comfortable, safe, and effective running mates — if you know what to look for. This video gives you some practical guidelines to help you find shoes that will serve you well in […] Read More


At Revlon, we believe that looking good means feeling good about yourself. And for most women, looking good begins with clear, smooth, glowing skin. How do you get it? That’s what this Color-Stay Make-Up Video is all about. This video teaches you about your skin, and how by performing some basic techniques, you can get […] Read More


The biggest problem in retail is hiring, particularly hiring hourly workers. Some of the most important people you have working for you are the hourly workers that are dealing with the public on a day-by-day basis., at least according to unicrew, an Oregon-based company, which was founded in 1997 to service the needs of hourly […] Read More


For many children in New York, Christmas meant the yearly extravaganza at Radio City Music Hall. For some kids in other areas, the holiday season meant Santa Claus and decorated fir trees. But in New York, it was Radio City … the huge resplendent hall, the Rockettes, and the reenactment of the Living Nativity scene, […] Read More


A warm hello … a neighborly smile … watching the beauty of a prairie sunset, or enjoying the peacefulness of a starry evening — you know that Edwards County is the place to call home. The Kansas prairie holds this caring community in the palms of its hands. Located just two hours from Interstate 70, […] Read More


How would you like to get a jump on big institutional investors? Here’s one area of the market where you can. Spinoffs, or divisions of large companies that have been turned into separate public companies, offer a chance for individuals to buy into stocks on the cheap — before the big investors do. In the […] Read More