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Narration Multimedia Free Voice Over Scripts


If you’ve ever looked closely at one of the bills in your wallet, you will have noticed that each bill has green Treasury Seals and serial numbers, as well as black Federal Reserve Seals and District numbers. The presses at your left are overprinting this important information, in sequential order, on each bill while it […] Read more


50 years ago, businessmen were folk heroes. You and I may think the first Henry Ford was an eccentric with a distinctly comic side — but our grandfathers didn’t. At the turn of the century, a certain class of business figure enjoyed a degree of public admiration that Americans of that period offered to very […] Read more


Welcome to the California State Park’s Directory of Natural Resources. California’s parks are here for the entire family to enjoy. They’re your parks, and we urge you to abide by basic conservation guidelines. On days designated as “dry days,” please do not light matches or start fires of any kind in any of our parks […] Read more


They are hunters, with muscles taut, and eyes fixes on their intended prey. They are gentle, with fluid movement and a sensitive touch. They are regal, with a lineage that goes back to worshiped ancestors during the time of the Pharaohs. They are introspective, aloof, unpredictable, affectionate, comical and mischievous. They are cats […] Read more


The open enrollment period for your health-insurance plan comes once every year, usually during the fall. The corresponding paperwork typically generates as much enthusiasm as your yearly tax forms. But don’t be tempted to just put a check mark next to your current plan. With so many insurers and employers raising health-insurance premiums and scaling […] Read more


Choosing a cosmetic surgeon is much too important a decision to leave to chance. But with so many doctors vying for your attention, how do you choose? For 23 years, busy successful men and women – actors, models, sports personalities, and more recently, baby boomers – have turned for guidance to cosmetic surgery consultant, Denise […] Read more


Today, desktop computer designs are flirting with clock speeds of 300 MHZ, unheard of just a year ago. However, to keep a computer’s design both simple and affordable, its system bus–where the memory and certain peripherals hang out–typically dawdles along at a fraction of the processor’s speed. Because of the design and cost constraints, it’s […] Read more


Cornell University’s Ithaca campus, set amid waterfalls, gorges, lakes, and rolling hills in the Finger Lakes region of central New York State, provides some of the most breathtaking scenery you’ll find anywhere. You’ll also find a whole, new world of social and intellectual possibilities, exciting adventures, and lasting friendships waiting for you at Cornell. University […] Read more


Welcome to a Classic Home Town located in the Center of Prince William County. Come see how classic hometown living can be part of your modern lifestyle. County Center combines superb amenities with a friendly neighborhood atmosphere, creating a warm and inviting community designed to bring people together. Relax with friends around the swimming pool […] Read more


Like animals in the ark, most of us march through life two by two. Though about half of first marriages end in divorce, we still believe that pleasure comes in pairs. Even first couples famous for their foibles-Franklin and Eleanor, Jack & Jackie, Bill and Hilary have taught us that every relationship has its own […] Read more