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Our knowledge of ourselves and the world around us grows only through the accumulation of countless bits of information, laid down like bricks as a foundation for wisdom. Libraries are the intellectual brickyards of our civilization, fundamental to our survival and growth. This is the largest library in the world. More than 84 million items […] Read more


Pros love Lipmix because it gives us the freedom to customize colour and texture. Here are some starter tips: Always mix Lipmix with a brush or mixing spatula. Start with a dab. A little colour or texture will go a long way. All Lipmix colours and textures can be blended in any combination or ratio […] Read more


The American Society of Travel Agents will be holding its annual conference in Lisbon this year. Some 7,000 delegates will gather in the Portuguese capital early in November. They have been invited to take part in pre-conference or post-conference tours, which will give them the chance to see the countrysides, castles and palaces, churches and […] Read more


For more than three decades, mankind has explored the mysteries of the universe from a vantage point in space. Now we’re turning space into a practical place to work. By the year 2010, NASA’s space station is scheduled to give science a permanent platform in orbit. A place where researchers can examine our world from […] Read more


In the ’80s there was a strong underground influence in makeup that came from nightclubs in cities like London, N.Y. and Toronto. M·A·C was the first to recognize the trend and developed a matte lipstick that would fulfill the need. Word spread quickly about the wearability and the fantastic range of colors M·A·C offered. The […] Read more


What exactly goes into candy to make it so sweet and yummy? Join Professor Hoody on a fantastic journey to find out how candy is really made. In Making Candy, the professor’s quantum transporter sends him to a real chocolate factory to explore the candy world. You can just taste the excitement in this candy-coated […] Read more


Good evening, and welcome to Masterpiece Theatre. I’m your host for this evening’s production, which returns us to the shadowy and intriguing world of London’s legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes. Holmes, speaking about his diabolically clever adversary, Professor Moriarty, once told his friend and colleague Dr. Watson: “He is the Napoleon of crime, Watson. He is […] Read more


Medicare Part B covers a wide range of outpatient and physician expenses regardless of where they are provided—- at home, in a hospital, nursing home, or in a private office. Covered services include diagnostic tests, including X-rays and other laboratory services, as well as some Pap smear screenings […] Read more


The Museum’s collection of Old Master and nineteenth-century European paintings—one of the greatest such collections in existence—numbers approximately 2,200 works, dozens of which are instantly recognizable worldwide. The French, Italian, and Dutch schools are most strongly represented, with fine works also by British, Netherlandish, German, Spanish, and Flemish masters. The department’s holdings—which consist not only […] Read more


Hi there. To have the best possible experience with MiniUSA.com, we strongly recommend visiting the Flash version of our site. But to do this you’ll need to have Flash 6 installed on your machine. If you’re not familiar with Flash, fear not. It’s a very-easy-to-install and cool internet plug-in that’s helping bridge the gap between […] Read more