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Before you go house shopping, the Connecticut Society of CPAs recommends that you watch this video on mortgage shopping. Understanding the various mortgage options, requirements, rates, and fees will help you determine how much you can afford to spend on a home, and how much you can easily finance. So … how much can you […] Read more


Few Old Masters are as enduringly popular as Rembrandt and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, is proud to exhibit “Rembrandt’s Journey: Painter – Draftsman – Etcher.” The exhibition reveals the all-encompassing scope of the artist’s interests via his paintings, etchings and drawings. Beginning with Rembrandt’s constant and unflinching depictions of his own face, his […] Read more


Music has been an important part of almost every culture on Earth. Folk heroes, seasonal and cultural events, and religious ideas are celebrated in music and song. Some societies use music in their traditional healing methods. Mostly, however, music has become an important way of passing on tradition and entertaining. Music is organized sound. The […] Read more


The Napa Valley stands arrogantly in the center stage of California, just as France dominates the wine-lands of Europe. It was the Napa which forged the modern California wine industry, and which acted as the magnet drawing money, ambition and genius from other walks of life; and it set standards against which not only the […] Read more


One plastic bottle can now become part of all your holiday celebrations. That’s because processes have been developed that make plastic beverage bottles and food containers recyclable into new ones. Until recently, plastic containers have only been recycled into such things as carpet and fiberfill for pillows and ski jackets. But now, a bottle can […] Read more


For a century, National Geographic has participated in and chronicled many of the world’s greatest explorations – unlocking the secrets of the oceans, lifting men into the stratosphere, and mapping the very boundaries of the earth, sea and sky. Now you can relive some of the most significant expeditions in history […] Read more


These are the men and women of Network News. Researching their stories, editing their reports, and reaching literally millions of homes at any one given time. One doesn’t become a network news anchor overnight. Today’s anchors were yesterday’s correspondents, scurrying for major stories whenever and wherever they could be found. But Network News is different […] Read more


This is the gateway of gateways. Walt Whitman called New York Harbor “the great place of the western continent, the heart, the brain, the main spring of the New World.” To enter the harbor is to enter America. In fact, it is the Golden Door to new life, the outward and visible sign of the […] Read more


The Cerro Grande fire began as a “controlled burn”… Designed to limit the power of future wildfires by burning away brush from uninhabited rocky areas. But low humidity and sustained high winds of up 60 miles per hour — fed the flames and spread the fire over more than 47,000 acres. Today, about 60 percent […] Read more


Millions of people tuned in last night to see if they had picked the lucky numbers. At stake: a jackpot worth 363 million dollars. An estimated 30-40 million Americans bought tickets for the so-called big game — a lottery sponsored and managed by seven states — Georgia, Virginia, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, new jersey and Massachusetts […] Read more