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For one hundred years, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has sought to strengthen organized cooperation between states. The end of the cold war has at last made it possible for the U.N. to perform more fully the part it was originally intended to play. Today the organization is at the forefront of efforts to achieve peace […] Read more


Nordic Trac, the recognized leading manufacturer of wellness equipment for more than twenty years, has sold more than 4 million ski machines, helping millions of people enrich their health and their lifestyle. To help you lose weight, shape and tone your body, improve your cardiovascular health, increase your metabolism, and to help you look and […] Read more


To help you lose weight, shape and tone your body, improve your cardiovascular health, increase your metabolism, and to help you look and feel your best, NORDI TRAC is pleased to offer both our Classic line of cross country ski machines as well as our new Plus Series. In this video, each of the skiers […] Read more


More than thirty years of scientific study have confirmed how to safely and permanently dispose of high-level nuclear waste. The used nuclear fuel, in the form of ceramic pellets, would be sealed inside layers of steel; put in carefully engineered structures at least 1,000 feet underground, within dry rock formations that have a long history […] Read more


Welcome to our on-line course catalog. This catalog provides you with detailed information on all of our 130+ technical skill courses, plus more than 50 safety and health courses for your training needs. Here’s a few tips for getting the most out of our catalog. Our technical skills courses are organized into a series of […] Read more


Operation Hope is the product of the creative energies of thousands of citizens. Representatives from churches, synagogues, businesses, and schools come together to help our neediest neighbors. Operation Hope provides emergency food pantry for families, shelter for homeless families, community kitchens, and supportive services. The services we provide do bring hope to shattered lives, and […] Read more


It’s always the right time to fly Pan Am. And to assure a perfect trip, Pan Am has prepared this program to offer you important facts and helpful information, along with tips for travelers. Just click “start” for practical information. 50 years have passed since Pan Am established itself as a national carrier, and Pan […] Read more


December 7th, 1941. The pictures tell the story. Most of the Pacific Fleet is in ruins in the waters of Pearl Harbor. America’s military might has been dealt a severe blow. How could this surprise Japanese attack have happened? We found part of the answer in a story we worked on back in 1961. This […] Read more


How would you like to get a jump on big institutional investors? Here’s one area of the market where you can. Spinoffs, or divisions of large companies that have been turned into separate public companies, offer a chance for individuals to buy into stocks on the cheap — before the big investors do. In the […] Read more


A warm hello … a neighborly smile … watching the beauty of a prairie sunset, or enjoying the peacefulness of a starry evening — you know that Edwards County is the place to call home. The Kansas prairie holds this caring community in the palms of its hands. Located just two hours from Interstate 70 […] Read more