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Narration Multimedia Free Voice Over Scripts


The interior attack is one of the most effective fireground tactics. But to succeed, it means getting inside the building fast. This frequently means forcing entry. In our first program, we discussed conventional forcible entry — that is, forcing entry by using a flathead axe — into a structure where access is locked, blocked, or […] Read more


If you’re like most serious pilots, you’re looking for the next step up. Whether it’s a more advanced license, a new certification, or a rating upgrade, FlightSafety’s Lakeland Flight Academy can help you rise to the occasion. The Lakeland Academy is dedicated to training individual pilots of all skill levels for both general and commercial […] Read more


For over 100 years Florian Papp has offered only the finest antiques and works of art, which covers a multitude of periods and styles from around the world. Browse our web site. They are updated regularly, and contain all of our pieces as well as recent acquisitions. We value the craftsmanship and design of centuries […] Read more


You are about to start a lifetime trip to a world of discovery. Through fly fishing, you will learn to see creatures invisible to other people. You will discover a new world of literature, new friends, new places – far flung and near at hand, and all interesting.   The fly rod is an extraordinary […] Read more


Like Tante Verde, Sun Ridge Canyon is surrounded by mountainous desert terrain. But here the lush, green fairways sit upon the floor of the mountain canyons themselves.   Wicked indeed, and wickedly fun for those who love a challenge. Once again, multiple sets of tees are in play. So don’t give old many par an […] Read more


Is gold a good investment? Turn to page eight and your instructors will explain the two graphs. The first graph represents the buying value of gold as it changed from 1920 to 1981. We thought you’d remember the title better if you wrote it in yourself. It is: Retained Purchasing Power of Gold. This represented […] Read more


As a valued Gold MasterCard holder, you now have the opportunity to select your own Personal Identification Number. Choosing your own unique PIN makes it easy to remember, and completely confidential. Simply choose any four-digit number. We suggest you choose a number that has personal meaning only to you. Your PIN will make it even […] Read more


As America enters the next decade, it does so with an appalling legacy of gun violence. The 1980s were tragic years that saw nearly a quarter of a million Americans die from handguns — four times as many as were killed in the Vietnam War. We began the decade witnessing yet another president, Ronald Reagan […] Read more


Halloween is a festival of Scottish-Irish origin, held on All Hallow’s Eve, the night of October 31. Elements of the customs connected with Halloween can be traced to a Druid ceremony in pre-Christian times. The Celts had festivals for two major gods — a sun god and a god of the dead, called Sanhaim, whose […] Read more


During the past two decades, all of the industrialized nations have enacted some form of healthcare reform. America is no exception. Just a few years ago, the U.S. was consumed by a vigorous public debate about healthcare. In the end, the result was a useful one, reaffirming that the U.S. would retain its essentially market-based […] Read more