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Moe Howard: Not Such A Stooge

Larry spent his money at the tracks, Curly partied with women, but Moe was business-minded and focused. He set up a contract with Curly and Larry to have them give a percentage of their salaries to him for investment. The fact that they were not broke at the end of their careers was due to […] Read more


In Venice, Monet had the opportunity to renew himself by working on the preconceived images, according to Mirbeau. He discovered a way to let the light glide over the surface of his canvases in the same way an intelligent dancer translates feelings. Monet’s version of Venise was unanimously celebrated as one of the greatest accomplishments […] Read more

Motown 25

The 25th anniversary of Mowtown was the first time Michael Jackson stood in the spotlight outside of the Jacksons. He was one of the most exciting live performers in pop music and inspired the imagination of fans more so than even Elvis Presley. It was an extraordinary moment when you knew that greatness was being […] Read more


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born with comprehensive musical gifts. Infallible rhythm, absolute pitch, and a deep understanding of harmony were his at the age of four when he started playing the clavier. At five he mastered the violin, read music on sight, and performed six trios with a friend and his father. Writing and reading […] Read more

Neil Armstrong

At a very early age, astronaut Neil Armstrong was fascinated with flight. When he was 16 he earned his student’s pilot license, and in 1947 he went to Purdue University on a Navy scholarship to study aeronautical engineering. The Korean War brought his studies to an end in 1949, and he flew 78 combat missions […] Read more

Nero – Intro

Nero would be remembered as the antichrist, the embodiment of ultimate evil. He viscously persecuted Christians and murdered members of his own family in jealous rages. Nero brought the Roman empire to the brink of political and financial ruin with his self-indulgence, violence, and cruelty. To top it all off, he had an incestuous relationship […] Read more

Newton’s Apple

While pondering the idea of gravity at his Lincolnshire home, Isaac Newton was inspired by a falling apple. In the 1660s he likely didn’t see how far from England that apple would fall. Newton’s original tree died in the early 1800s but its descendants now flourish in Gaithersburg, Maryland, India, and finally at York University […] Read more

Norman Rockwell

For nearly half a century Norman Rockwell created covers for the weekly magazine, the Saturday Evening Post. All 322 of the original oil paintings became cover and ad images. Since his death in 1978 they have been on display at Washington’s Corcoran gallery in the first comprehensive exhibition of his art. Commissioned for advertisements and […] Read more


Legend and mystery come to us through the centuries in the form of Nostradamus. The 16th-century mystic could see farther than 400 years into the future and accurately predict unbelievable future events. He saw the rise and fall of Napoleon, the French Revolution, the rise of Hitler, Kennedy’s assassination, and a man walking on the […] Read more

Olivia Munn Biography

Voice Over: “She’s an actress, a model, and an activist. This is the story of Olivia Munn, a multi-talented force to be reckoned with.” [Scene opens with images of Olivia Munn as a young girl, showing an early interest in acting and performing] Voice Over: “Olivia Munn has always had a passion for the arts, […] Read more