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Mary Pickford

Forget Julia Roberts—Mary Pickford was America’s first sweetheart. Audiences couldn’t get enough. When she took Hollywood by storm in 1909, at 17 years old, Mary appeared in 51 movies. In her first year, she made 51 films, that’s almost one a week […] Read more

Moe Howard: Not Such A Stooge

Moe was the business-minded one of the group. He knew that Curly liked to spend his money on partying and women, and Larry liked to spend his at the racetrack. So, he drew up an agreement where Larry and Curly turned over a certain percentage of their salaries to him. He, in turn, invested it […] Read more


What Monet found in Venice, according to Mirbeau, was a chance to renew himself by tackling the preconceived images of Venice. He no longer hoped to conquer the light, only to “glide” on the surface of the canvas, in the same way that light glides over things or in the same way that “the most […] Read more

Motown 25

Motown’s 25th anniversary was one of Michael Jackson’s first public acts as a star outside and beyond the Jacksons, and it was clear that he was not only one of the most thrilling live performers in pop music, but that he was perhaps more capable of inspiring an audience’s imagination than any single pop artist […] Read more


Born with absolute pitch, infallible rhythm, and a natural comprehension of harmony, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had come into this world with a complete gift. This is how, at the age of four, the child began to play the clavier, and at five, picked up a violin and, reading at sight, staggered through six trios with […] Read more


Nastradamus. His name has resounded through the centuries; shadowed in legend and mystery. Who was this amazing 16th century mystic who accurately predicted future world events more than 400 years before they actually happened? These unbelievable predictions include the French Revolution, the rise and fall of Napoleon, the rise of Adolph Hitler, the Kennedy assassinations […] Read more

Neil Armstrong

Astronaut Neil Armstrong developed a fascination with flight at an early age and earned his student pilot’s license when he was 16. In 1947, Armstrong began his studies in aeronautical engineering at Purdue University on a U.S. Navy scholarship. His studies, however, were interrupted in 1949 when he was called to serve in the Korean […] Read more

Nero – Intro

He was a perverse cross-dressing exhibitionist who had an incestuous relationship with his mother and married his step sister. He murdered members of his own family in fits of jealous rage. His cruelty, violence, and grotesque appetite for self-indulgence brought the Roman empire to the brink of financial and political ruin. And he viscously persecuted […] Read more


When Isaac Newton was inspired by a falling apple at his Linconshire home to ponder the concept of gravity in the 1660’s, he couldn’t have known how far from England that tree’s fruit would fall. Direct descendants of Newton’s original tree, which died in the early 1800’s currently flourish in locations as disparate as India […] Read more


Norman Rockwell did 322 covers for the weekly magazine the Saturday evening post over nearly half a century. All of them, along with the original oils that became the covers and ads, are part of the first comprehensive exhibition of the artist’s work since his death in 1978 — now on display at Washington’s Corcoran […] Read more