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Carl Sandburg

Three-time Pulitzer prize winner, Carl Sandburg achieved international fame as an editor, journalist, and American poet. As the son of poor Swedish immigrants, he left school at thirteen to help support his family. He worked odd jobs, from dishwashing to laying bricks to serving in the Spanish American War. In college, he cultivated his distinctive […] Read more

Cary Grant

With a classic persona ingrained in the psyche of fans, Cary Grant became a film icon of mythical status. He brought dimension and depth to every character he played and each one became a part of himself. Wealth, breeding, style, and impeccable manners suggested a confident demeanor and distinctive personality. He brought the best qualities […] Read more

Charles Lindbergh

On May 21, 1927, a little after 10 pm a small silver airplane circles the Eiffel Tower over Paris. Inside the plane, a tired young pilot checked his instrument panel with a flashlight. Everything was normal so he fastened his seatbelt and began his descent to the Le Bourget Aerodrome where he planned to land. […] Read more

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was a film pioneer and the first comedic artist to become famous worldwide. He revolutionized film comedy in just a few years and developed a character that would make a huge impact on the industry. He wasn’t just passionate about what he did, he knew that he was special. Shortly after his film […] Read more

Christopher Plummer

Christopher Plummer was a consummate professional throughout his entire career. He began acting reluctantly, passing over blockbuster scripts for indie films such as International Velvet in 1978 and the thriller Delores Claiborne […] Read more

Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve was famous for playing the role of Superman but gave the world inspiration as he shared his story about living and loving life as a quadriplegic. Although he is best known for his man-of-steel character, he had an extensive career and many other wonderful performances. Reeve gave 100 percent to everything he did […] Read more

Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy was a brilliant French composer who changed the way we experience music. His system of harmony and musical structure changed the way we hear all genres of music. He challenged the status quo and became a powerful influencer that can still be seen in today’s jazz music.   […] Read more

Coldplay – Behind The Music

The band Coldplay, was formed in January of 1998. Their self-financed demo sessions produced the release of their first EP that May. One of the tracks called “Bigger Stronger,” earned the band excellent notices in the UK press. However, they didn’t get signed by a major label until late 1999. [After some touring with new […] Read more

Countess Elizabeth Bathory

Could there have been a female vampire? Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory, known as the Blood Countess, was accused of killing a number of young girls and bathing in their blood. She was convicted and confined to her castle until her death in 1614 […] Read more

Courtney Love

Best known for her ability to shock people, Courtney Love continually challenged society’s ideas about femininity and accepted social behavior. She has also been dubbed the girl with the loudest mouth, the fiercest guitar, and the most cake […] Read more