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Hollywood producers have long turned to the printed page for material; and there is an especially large number of film adaptations right now. One writer with a lot of experience seeing his creations come to life on the screen is John Irving, four of his 10 novels have been made into movies. His highly praised […] Read More


When the U.S. Manned Space Program began in 1958, John Glenn was selected to be one of the original seven Mercury astronauts. When Glenn successfully piloted his “Friendship 7” spacecraft three times around Earth in just less than five hours on February 20, 1962, he became an instant national hero. In fact, he may have […] Read More


The story of John F. Kennedy Jr., heir to America’s most famous and star-crossed political family, begins with the marriage of his parents in 1953. Jack Kennedy was the junior senator from Massachusetts – a handsome young man, who had inherited the Kennedy family’s political ambitions when his older brother Joe was killed in World […] Read More


Famous for screen roles featuring rubber-jawed antics, bodily contortions, and bathroom humor, comic star Jim Carrey has been called Jerry Lewis on speed, Dick Van Dyke on acid, and Mr. Slapstick. In 1998, however, the critical commentary about his latest film was in a very different vein. Words like “breakthrough” and “revelation” and “career expanding” […] Read More


Soon after Jacqueline’s husband was elected President of the United States in 1960, she confessed, “I feel as though I had just turned into a piece of public property”, And yet, however daunting the prospect of becoming a national icon, Mrs. Kennedy embrace her role with winning enthusiasm and supreme political savvy. Throughout her husband’s […] Read More


The denizens of London’s East End; Jack London called them the people of the abyss, “poor miserable human beings clinging to the garbage heap of life.” Against this backdrop would be played one the most provocative unsolved crimes of the 19th century. Investigations continue to this day with growing evidence that while Jack the Ripper’s […] Read More


English mathematician and scientist Isaac Newton was one of the greatest thinkers of all time. He worked out the laws of gravity, invented calculus, and devised the reflecting, or Newtonian, telescope. Newton also discovered that ordinary light is made up of many colors; he studied the movement of planets; and published the Corpuscular Theory of […] Read More


William Hogarth who lived from :1697 – 1764, was an artist and engraver. He specialized in satire, which would be referred to these days as, heavy handed moralizing on the wages of sin. His plates were so popular that they were actually pirated. Leading Parliament to pass the Hogarth Act of 1735, to protect copyright. […] Read More


Though the self-described “nice Republican girl” had campaigned for Barry Goldwater, Hillary began to develop a more liberal outlook at Wellesley College, where she was student body president of the class of 1969. She went on to Yale Law School, at the time a hotbed of student protest, but she felt the best path to […] Read More


It’s no trick to see why Hilary Swank, having won the Oscar for her fearless, inspired, gender-melting performance in Boys Don’t Cry, should choose The Affair of the Necklace as her follow-up vehicle. Set amid the decadent French monarchy on the eve of the Revolution, the film allows Swank to cast her image back to […] Read More