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For Yeltsin, it must seem a long time since the glory days of 1991, when the anti-Communist rebel easily won his country’s first democratic election. That August he also became the brave hero who, as tanks encircled the parliament, stood atop one of them and exhorted thousands of civilians to resist the attempted military coup […] Read more


“What Sandburg knew and said was what America knew from the beginning and said from the beginning and has not yet, no matter what is believed of her, forgotten how to say”, notes Archibald MacLeish in his introduction to the collected poems of Carl Sandburg. Carl Sanburg the son of Swedish immigrant parents was born […] Read more


#1: Cary Grant’s classy film persona and peerless timing are so ingrained in our collective psyche that we tend to confuse the man with the myth. So good was he at playing the icon known as Cary Grant that it was often said he always played the same part–himself. The truth is that he was […] Read more

Cary Grant 2

Cary Grant was one of the most debonair figures in American film history. Only Fred Astaire could compare. Everything about Grant’s screen persona suggested wealth and good breeding: his exquisite clothes; his perpetually suntanned face; his distinctive, indeterminate accent; his easy, confident stride; his impeccable manners; his somewhat aloof demeanor. Those qualities held true offscreen […] Read more


Just after 10 p.m. on May 21, 1927, a small silver-nosed airplane circled the Eiffel Tower, then headed northeast over Paris. In the cockpit, the weary young pilot swept his flashlight over the instrument panel to check that the readings were normal. Then he fastened his seat belt and descended toward Le Bourget Aerodrome, where, […] Read more


Charlie Chaplin is the supreme comic artist of our time. He pioneered the development of film comedy from anarchy to art in just a few short years, and created a screen character whose worldwide impact has never been equaled. Unlike most of his colleagues in the film world, he knew he was special. He received […] Read more

Christopher Plummer

Throughout his career, the consummate Actor Christopher Plummer has been a reluctant film star, eschewing the blockbuster movie for roles in such films as 1978’s International Velvet and 1994’s thriller Delores Claiborne […] Read more

Christopher Reeve

The whole world held its breath when Christopher Reeve struggled for life on Memorial Day, 1995. On the third jump of a riding competition, Reeve was thrown headfirst from his horse in an accident that broke his neck and left him unable to move or breathe. In the years following the accident, Reeve raised much […] Read more

Claude Debussy

The notes you are hearing…changed the way we listen to music…not only classical…but contemporary as well. Claude Debussy, he heard things differently. He wasn’t very fond of rules and had no respect for the musical status quo. His influences still linger in the jazz music of today […] Read more

Coldplay — Behind The Music

The band Coldplay, formed in January of 1998. Their self-financed demo sessions produced the release of their first EP that May. One of the tracks called “Bigger Stronger’, earned the band excellent notices in the UK press. However, they didn’t get signed by a major label until late 1999. [After some touring with new band […] Read more