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The dead is meant to move smoothly from the land of the living to their proper place among the spirits. If this transition wrong, the spirit is stranded, neither one thing nor the other. Ghosts having the benefit of hindsight and experience may also give guidance to the living. The novelist, Charles Dickens, had seen […] Read more


Gustave Flaubert lived most of his life in his country estate of Croisset, near Rouen, in Normandy. He followed a strict regimen of work over many years and produced, slowly and painfully, eight novels of which two or three are masterpieces (Madame Bovary, L’Education Sentimentale), and a volume of three stories (Trois Contes). Flaubert looked […] Read more


Houdini was the son of a rabbi who emigrated from Hungary to the United States and settled in Appleton, Wisconsin. He became a trapeze performer in circuses at an early age, and after settling in New York City in 1882, he performed in vaudeville shows there without much success. From about 1900, Houdini began to […] Read more


Helen Keller had an ageless quality about her … inherent even in her looks … in keeping with her amazing life story. Blind, deaf, and mute from early childhood, she rose above her triple handicap to become one of the best known characters in the modern world, and an inspiration to both the blind and […] Read more


It’s no trick to see why Hilary Swank, having won the Oscar for her fearless, inspired, gender-melting performance in Boys Don’t Cry, should choose The Affair of the Necklace as her follow-up vehicle. Set amid the decadent French monarchy on the eve of the Revolution, the film allows Swank to cast her image back to […] Read more


Though the self-described “nice Republican girl” had campaigned for Barry Goldwater, Hillary began to develop a more liberal outlook at Wellesley College, where she was student body president of the class of 1969. She went on to Yale Law School, at the time a hotbed of student protest, but she felt the best path to […] Read more

History of LSD

In 1938, a Swiss chemist named Albert Hofmann synthesized LSD for the first time while studying ergots, a type of fungus. Though the pharmaceutical company that he worked for, Sandoz, didn’t have any interest in the compound, Hofmann found himself inexplicably drawn to it. Five years later, in the spring of 1943, he synthesized it […] Read more


William Hogarth who lived from :1697 – 1764, was an artist and engraver. He specialized in satire, which would be referred to these days as, heavy handed moralizing on the wages of sin. His plates were so popular that they were actually pirated. Leading Parliament to pass the Hogarth Act of 1735, to protect copyright. […] Read more

Howard Carter

During the short winter season, some of the wealthier foreigners dabbled in archaeology driven by scientific curiosity and inquisitiveness. But the ultimate – an intact tomb of the Pharaoh had not yet been found. One man hoped to change that. Howard Carter, the sickly son of an English painter, had first come to Egypt as […] Read more

Intro to “Lincoln: The Untold Stories

In the years following his violent death, Abraham Lincoln became the most revered President in American history. But as time passed, what would happen to the story of the real man behind the myth? Lincoln’s friend, William Herndon, wanted to leave an accurate and personal record. He spent thirty years documenting the most confidential memories […] Read more